Preston County residents take part in National Day of Prayer

Hundreds of people turned out Thursday morning for the 11th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. This gathering, organized by interfaith group 1-Kingdom, brought together people from all churches, and all faiths, on this day.

Lewis-Williams said, “Our elected officials are responsible for us, they’re responsible to make sure that we function as Ephesians 4:3 says, ‘”In unity and in peace”‘”.

Mann spoke about the need for Sanford residents to put aside dividing issues and work together to improve the city and said prayers needed to be made for God’s help in that.

STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Marvin McCloe of Scranton sings along Thursday during a prayer at the Steamtown Church in Scranton in conjunction with National Day of Prayer.

Noting that his administration “has spoken out against religious persecution around the world”, Trump said, “What’s going on is disgusting, and we’re taking action”.

It will produce recommendations on administration policies affecting faith based and community programs.

President Donald Trump in a Rose Garden ceremony Thursday announced an executive order he said would expand government grants to and partnerships with faith-based groups. “God changed me”, said Kancherla, a member of Mercy Crossing Church. However, he has expanded greatly the access to the White House of conservative Christians, evangelicals in particular, but also Catholics who feel alarmed by the growing legal tension between gay rights and conservative religious rights.

Mr. Pence encouraged Americans to step away from politics to pause and pray. “America is a nation of believers”, he said. Unanimity seems like a relic from a long-gone time when we could agree that the things we have in common are greater than our disagreements. But that’s really nothing new. Walton prayed for “unity among all ethnicities of people in America”. “We believe in praying for them and lifting them up every day”.

There is evidence that religious and political divisions go hand in hand. “We have so much to be thankful for, we should also pray to thank God for our many blessings”. Red states in the South and Midwest tend to have higher rates of belief, the study found, than blue states on the coasts. “You’re not going to find them from a worldly perspective”, Smith said.

Believers can win unbelievers over to Jesus by “loving them enough to listen to them” and by sharing the gospel, said Brown, a retired pastor who once led Apple Valley Foursquare Church. It was one of their many stops of the night.

Trump, Christian leaders celebrate National Day of Prayer