PM bigger brand than Mahatma, says minister

The government-run Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) defended its decision to use a photo of Modi, sitting in an nearly identical pose while spinning cotton, on the cover of its 2017 calendar and diary.

Though there is no written rule about it, Mahatma Gandhi, has been traditionally featured in the commission’s calendars and diaries. “Modi is a better brand name”, Vij was quoted saying by news agency ANI.

“Khadi doob gayi (From the time Gandhi’s name has been associated with khadi, it has never been able to rise)”.

According to a report by India Today, Anil Vij said that after the association of Modi with Khadi, there has been 14 per cent growth in sale of the products.

So to say, Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha picture is not only iconic, but it is symbolic of his philosophy of Swaraj or self reliance, and his idea of simplicity.

Meanwhile, BJP has called Anil Vij’s comments as his personal remark and not the party’s stand.

The Congress accused the BJP of resorting to “divisive politics” and said Modi was trying to project himself as “bigger than Mahatma Gandhi”.

“The Mangalyaan effect”, said Gandhi posting the IANS story on Twitter. “I am withdrawing this so that it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments”. “Gradually, he will be removed from the notes also”, Vij said.

The BJP on Saturday distanced itself from the controversial remarks of the Haryana minister Anil Vij, saying that he made the comment in the personal capacity. “Khadi will continue to be identified with Mahatma Gandhi”, he said.

The commission traditionally uses Gandhi’s pictures in its official calendars and stationery.

The calendar and diary showing Modi weaving khadi on a charkha, in the same classic pose as Gandhiji. Maybe Gandhi’s ghost realized that and sent Mahatma Modi to us, and a new “son of the nation” is born!

Later, the Haryana minister had to take back his comments.

“It is a good move to replace Gandhi’s image with Modi”.

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