Perris torture case: Turpins were ready to move ‘within days,’ source says

The parents, David and Louise Turpin, were arrested and face multiple charges, including torture, to which they have pleaded not guilty.

In a brief court appearance, David and Louise Turpin were ordered by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Emma Smith not to contact the children except through their lawyer, The Desert Sun reported.

A judge in California has issued a protective order banning the parents of 13 siblings allegedly held captive in a suburban home from contacting them.

Protective orders are standard in domestic violence cases to shield victims from contact with defendants, who might otherwise affect their desire to testify.

Louise Turpin is seen with attorney Jeff Moore during her court arraignment in Riverside, California on January 18, 2018.

Teresa Robinette has spoken exclusively to Daily Mail, revealing that Louise Turpin was just about to turn 40 when she hit a midlife crisis. Prosecutors said the children were all subjected to “prolonged abuse”, which included beatings and choking, and allowing them to shower no a couple of times a year.

Their next court hearing is February 23.

“Whether you are in foster care, available for adoption, or whatever the case may be… we make every effort possible to keep those siblings together”, Parks said.

Speaking with Inside Edition on January 22, Lambert said that the Turpins dressing their kids in identical outfits for public outings was all part of their plan to become reality stars.

They said numerous children had cognitive impairment and nerve damage as a result of ‘extreme and prolonged physical abuse’.

“Thank God that 17-year-old girl, she reminded me of myself, you know, when I slipped that letter”.

One photo posted online showed David and Louise Turpin dressed in wedding attire, while their 10 daughters donned matching purple plaid dresses, white tights, and white shoes, and their sons wore suits with red ties.

The siblings, age two to 29, were found in an emaciated state by authorities in their home in Perris, according to police.

Another one of Louise Turpin’s siblings, 41-year-old Elizabeth Flores, spoke to “Good Morning America” about her experience with the family and had a message for her sister. They are accused of abuse that lasted for years, including putting some of their 13 children in chains, reports CBS News correspondent David Begnaud.

When police raided the house – after a 17-year-old child escaped to raise the alarm – they found children shackled to furniture, living in “horrific” conditions with little access to food and water. He said another child, a 12-year-old, was the weight of an average 7-year-old.

The parents had their hands and feet shackled as they awaited the verdict, and they are both held on a $12 million bail.

David Turpin pleaded not guilty to torture and other charges