Pence, headed to Japan, turns focus to trade with key ally

USA officials say tougher sanctions could include an oil embargo, a global ban on North Korea’s airline, intercepting cargo ships and punishing Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang.

Mr Pence said he and Mr Trump “have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea”. “We have to be honest about where our trade relationship is falling short”.

Seoul’s close proximity across the border, well within range of countless North Korean artillery batteries, has imbued in South Koreans an extreme aversion to war throughout seven decades of uneasy, often outright hostile, relations with their neighbour. That’s worth having deficits.

The rhetoric is at least partly in response to President Trump’s tougher stance.

Mr Pence declared that the era of U.S. “strategic patience” in dealing with the North was over, after more than two decades. Now Xi is playing the game-and perhaps playing Trump. “And I think of what dad would be thinking about and I believe is thinking about as he looks down to see his third son return to that place that he left so many years ago, and to see that the sacrifices that were made here, and the commitment that endures here has resulted in a free and prosperous South Korea”. He declared an end to the “era of strategic patience” with the regime in Pyongyang, echoing the established line of a White House that’s eager to show how different it is from its predecessor.

The 38 North program is part of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. For all of 2016, the surplus was US$23 billion, it said. For them, ignoring Pyongyang’s unsafe escalations is simply not an option.

But her statement in parliament reported by Jiji Press and public broadcaster NHK is likely to be controversial in South Korea.

“From what we know of North Korean missiles, the propulsion technology in particular is fairly primitive with no digital or electronics to be hacked”, said Schilling said.

But US officials say expectations of an ambitious bilateral trade deal may be premature. “That is not going to instill confidence”.

“The leader of North Korea again recklessly tried to provoke something by launching a missile”, he said.

Female North Korean soldiers march during the public parade.

Pence and Abe agreed that they needed to persuade China to play a larger role in dealing with North Korea, a Japanese government spokesman said. Trump tweeted last week.

There were times when candidate Trump seemed to be running more against China than against Hillary Clinton.

Pence said that the era of U.S. “strategic patience” in dealing with the North was over, after more than two decades. If not, we will solve the problem without them!

While it remains unclear whether Trump’s comments mesh with the administration’s more fleshed-out policy, they have drawn raised eyebrows from former White House officials, who are sounding the alarm.

“If you are Japan or Taiwan, you start to wonder if your interests might get traded”, he added.

Why, 64 years after the Korean War, a quarter-century after the Cold War, are we still obliged to go to war to defend South Korea from a North with one-half the South’s population and 3 percent of its Gross Domestic Product?

For in many ways, Pyongyang’s goals parallel China’s.

Defying global pressure, the North test-fired another missile on Sunday as fears grow that it may also be preparing for its sixth nuclear weapons test.

Mr Kim called the news conference to “categorically reject” the USA decision to hold an open meeting of the Security Council on April 28 on North Korea’s nuclear programme, which is scheduled to be chaired by U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

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