Pay What You Want For This Game Development Training Bundle

Apps form a significant part of our online lives – dating, socializing, reading, learning, and consuming content are all key ways we use apps to make our lives easier. And gaming is a rapidly growing area of game development, fostering online communities of like-minded players all coming together to play, destress, interact, and try something new. Game development is also a booming industry, and anyone who enjoys games would be well served to find out more about making them – or even consider it as a new career path.

And now, there’s a course bundle that includes certification for new and potential game developers with a price tag set by you. The 2021 Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle is an opportunity to enroll in a range of excellent courses for a low price – literally the price you offer.

The course bundle includes a broad introduction to game design that covers all the basics. You can then move on to learn about offering in-app purchases and supporting your development by monetizing the app and adding advertising. There’s so much more, in the bundle, like cross-platform development, augmented reality, using game design software, and coding for game development.

You’ll pay what you want, and this is the way it works: Offer a price – if the final average offer is lower than your offer, you’ll take home the entire course bundle. If your offer is lower than the average, you’ll still take home something great. If you beat the leader’s price, you’ll go into the draw for a giveaway worth $5,000.

You can now pay what you want for The 2021 Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle , giving you an excellent value – for example, if you offer $30 for the course, and your price is over the average price, you’ll be paying only $3 per course.

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