Pakistan says attack by militants kills 5 soldiers

“I walked for two hours”. At Torkham as many as 6,000 Afghan citizens entered Afghanistan.

Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that “Pakistan is now hosting three million Afghan refugees whereas the killers of our children have created their safe havens across the borders”.

“Truckloads of food are rotting”.

The foreign policy must be formulated by parliament, Kishwar said, asking the government to respect the “independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan”.

Likewise, from the Afghan side, Pakistanis with passports were allowed to cross into Pakistan.

Five Pakistani soldiers died in attacks on checkpoints along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the army announced Monday.

Pakistan and Afghanistan share a 2,500km-long border, which is largely unpatrolled and disputed by Afghanistan.

Pakistan summoned the deputy head of the Afghan embassy in Islamabad to protest against the raid.

Afghan officials have complained about the presence of Afghan Taliban militants on the Pakistan side of the border and say that senior officials of the militant group have managed to find havens inside Pakistan.

Pakistan has been struck by a wave of terrorist attacks in recent weeks, killing at least 130 people and leaving hundreds more injured.

However, those who crossed the border at Chaman were mainly Afghan and Pakistani traders travelling on special permits issued under an agreement signed between both countries’ border authorities some months back.

Gen. Murad “promised to take action against terrorists on the basis of shared information”, reportedly added the statement.

They were speaking at the “Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral (Track II/I.5) Dialogue” held under the theme: “In Pursuit of an Elusive Peace – A diversity of challenges, a bouquet of opportunities”.

Armed forces rendered unprecedented sacrifices in war on terror Asif

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