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NASA Awards $700,000 in Prizes for 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

All of humanity currently lives on (or in orbit very near) the planet Earth. A global catastrophe could wipe us all out, but having a “backup” of humanity on other...

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SpaceX Successfully Launches Starlink Satellites

After a few false starts, SpaceX has successfully launched its first full batch of Starlink internet satellites. A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellites lifted off...

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Intel Launches NUCs With Radeon RX 540 GPU, Soldered DRAM

Intel and AMD are expanding their GPU partnership and launching new hardware that features a combination of Intel CPUs and an AMD discrete GPU. The two companies...

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ET Deals: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 $207 and Nintendo Switch With $25 Gift Card

Memorial Day is almost here, and retailers everywhere are pushing out deals in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. Today, we’ve got excellent deals on devices that...

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Qualcomm Ruled a Monopoly, Found in Violation of US Antitrust Law

Apple and Qualcomm may have dropped their worldwide lawsuit war against each other, but that wasn’t the only battle Qualcomm faced. The FTC also brought a case against...

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