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Russian Media Spreading Absurd Conspiracy Theory Regarding ISS Damage

The discovery of a small, 2mm drill hole in the Soyuz capsule attached to the International Space Station in late August sent a shock wave through both NASA and...

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ET Deals: Unlimited Mobile Starting at $10, Limited-Time Free GSM SIM Deal

UNREAL Mobile is a new cell provider with unlimited talk, text, and data starting at just $10 per month. You choose how much high-speed LTE data you’ll need each...

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Hubble Will Use ‘Natural Telescopes’ To Find the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

Hubble may be old, but it can still survey incredibly distant objects in the universe. NASA is even undertaking a project to augment Hubble’s eyesight with the aid of...

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Linux Torvalds Steps Back From Linux in Favor of Self-Improvement

Silicon Valley and the wider tech community have always had a place for blunt, tell-it-like-it-is kind of people, but some personalities loom larger than others. When it...

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Apple Didn’t Delete Movies From Customer’s iTunes Account

Last week, we discussed the story of Anders G da Silva, an iTunes user who discovered several movies had been removed from his iTunes library. Apple confirmed the...

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