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Scientists Find Material in Meteorite Older Than the Solar System Itself

When we talk about extremely “old” things on Earth, that usually means a few billion years old. After all, Earth itself is only about four and a half billion years...

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Siri for Self-Drive Cars: Genius or Patenting the Obvious?

You knew Apple wasn’t going to stay out of the car businesses. Their latest plan is not to build a complete car – it takes skill Apple doesn’t yet have in-house...

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AWS, Microsoft, Cisco. For $39, You Get Certification Training in IT’s Most Popular Systems

If you want to get a job in IT, go where the jobs are. That means taking particular care to bolster your learning in areas where employers are searching — and, in some...

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Sonos’ Frantic Flailing Illustrates the Stupidity of Smart Tech

Sonos’ CEO has issued a statement in an attempt to clarify an earlier controversial announcement. This week, the smart speaker manufacturer Sonos announced that May...

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Scientists Still Mystified by Physics-Defying Particles in Antarctica

The Standard Model of particle physics has led scientists to many important discoveries, but this framework has strained under the weight of recent discoveries. It...

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