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ISS Gets New Impact Sensor to Gather Data on Space Debris

A few decades ago, the space around Earth was empty. It’s very much not empty anymore with a multitude of satellites and an operational International Space Station....

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MIT Creates Glowing Plants to Replace Electric Lights

You probably reach for the light switch when it gets dark, but researchers from MIT are working on technology that could make houseplants your new desk lamp. The team...

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FCC Votes To Overturn Net Neutrality Rules—Now What?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under chairman Ajit Pai has followed through on its threat to kill net neutrality. In a 3-2 vote today, the commission...

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Google Uses Machine Learning to Find New Exoplanets

Astronomers have been spotting exoplanets for decades, but the overwhelming majority of newly discovered planets outside our solar system have come courtesy of the...

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First Look Roundup: Apple iMac Pro

After years of fending off questions from its increasingly unhappy workstation customers, Apple has finally released an updated professional Mac. The new iMac Pro is...

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