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Researchers Make ‘Super-Tomatoes’ With Genetically Stressed Root Grafts

Humans have been grafting plants onto other plants for thousands of years, but only in the last few generations have we understood the genetic implications of the...

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Intel’s Raja Koduri to Present at Samsung Foundry’s Upcoming Conference

Intel’s Raja Koduri will present a video session titled “1000x More Compute for AI By 2025” at the upcoming Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE) conference....

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Review: The Oculus Quest 2 Could Be the Tipping Point for VR Mass Adoption

Virtual reality has existed in some form for the last few decades, but the original Oculus Rift marked the first time you could set up a high-quality VR experience in...

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There Are 1,004 Nearby Stars Where an Alien Astronomer Could Detect Life on Earth

We are in the very early stages of exploring the universe, and our efforts have uncovered thousands of exoplanets. We don’t yet know if any of them support life, but...

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If You Delete Your Facebook Account, You Lose Your Oculus Library Forever

I don’t know that anyone needed another reason to dislike Facebook’s decision to fuse Oculus accounts into its own Borg-like mass, but in case you didn’t have...

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