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First Plants Sprout on Moon Aboard Chang’e 4 Lander

China’s Chang’e 4 mission already made history when it completed the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the moon. Now, it’s accomplished another first: An...

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Astronomers Find Evidence of Seasonal Weather on Titan

Scientists watching Saturn’s moon Titan have finally gotten evidence that the planet experiences seasons like Earth. It’s subtle, but a shimmering region in the...

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Google Planning More Security for Chrome OS Saved Passwords

Google likes to talk a big game when it comes to security on Chrome OS, and it’s true that there isn’t as much to go wrong in Chrome. However, that doesn’t mean...

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Do FreeSync Displays, Nvidia GeForce GPUs Play Nice Together?

When Nvidia announced it would begin supporting FreeSync with its GeForce GPUs, it did so in more or less the nastiest way possible. Things got off to a nice enough...

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Bizarre 4-Star System Forms Planets in a Vertical Disk Orbit

One of the common features of star systems is that both stars and their planets tend to orbit in the same plane. That means the equator of the star tends to align with...

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