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NASA, SpaceX Gear Up for Historic Crewed Launch Today

NASA and SpaceX are just hours away from making history. After years of development and testing, SpaceX is set to become the first private spaceflight firm to carry...

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ET Deals: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X $274, WD Black SN750 250GB NVMe SSD $54, Dell XPS 8930SE Intel Core i7 Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Gaming Desktop $1,449

If you’re planning to build a new PC in the near future, you may want to pick up AMD’s high-performance Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, which is currently on sale with a $55 cut...

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Raspberry Pi 4 Now Available With 8GB of RAM, 64-Bit OS

For years, the Raspberry Pi has been the premier single-board computer for hobbyists. These devices cost as little as $5 and include all the core components of a...

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ARM Goes for Broke With High-Performance Cortex-X1 CPU Core

ARM announced a pair of new CPU core designs on Tuesday and launched a significant new strategy for competing in the market in the process. The Cortex-A78 is a new...

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Need To Learn To Code? Learnable Can Get You There Without Breaking Your Brain Or Wallet

Learning to code doesn’t have to be the arduous process that many uninitiated assume it to be. While grasping all the intricacies of programming certainly aren’t...

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