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Astronomers Spot Gargantuan ‘X-ray Chimneys’ in the Center of Our Galaxy

The monster black hole that anchors our galaxy is safely 28,000 light years away from Earth. That’s a good thing, too. The region around that back hole is overflowing...

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Volvo In-Car Camera Aims to Cut DUI Driving, Distraction in 2020s

Volvo will put a nanny camera in its next generation of cars to keep you and others alive if you’re drunk, distracted, fall asleep, or have an unexpected ailment...

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Boeing Reportedly Delaying Crew Capsule Flight by Months

NASA is fast running out of seats on Russian Soyuz capsules, so the long-delayed Commercial Crew Program will soon be the only way to get astronauts to and from the...

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A Solar Storm Will Send the Northern Lights Surging South Tonight

The Sun is a relatively quiet G-type star (G2V), but the key word is “relatively.” While it avoids the massive storms known to affect so-called flare stars, it...

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AT&T’s Fake ‘5G E’ Network Slower Than Verizon, T-Mobile LTE

When ATT rebranded its LTE service as “5G E” in certain markets in an attempt to mislead consumers, companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint cried foul, as did...

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