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Scientists Rename Genes So Excel Won’t Reformat Them as Dates

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly powerful program that’s just as essential in a laboratory as it is in the average office. However, scientists have had just about...

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ET Deals: Acer Aspire 5 AMD Ryzen 1080p Laptop $349, WD Black SN750 500GB NVMe SSD $62, Inspiron 3671 Desktop $549

Today you can get a laptop with a Ryzen 3 3000-series processor and a 1080p display for the low price of just $349. The system is also well built with a sturdy aluminum...

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NASA: Dwarf Planet Ceres Is an Ocean World

Scientists considered Pluto to be a planet when it was discovered, but it later became the first dwarf planet. It’s not the closest one to Earth, though. Ceres is a...

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Xbox Series X Launches in November, Halo Infinite Delayed

Mixed news today out of Microsoft. First, the company has confirmed that the Xbox Series X is formally launching in November, with support for thousands of games. The...

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Learn How To Build Your Own Strategy Based Video Game With These Online Classes

The global gaming market could be worth over $159 billion by the end of this year, bigger than the movie and music industries combined. And unlike the devastating...

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