Ossoff Only Earned 1.3 Percent More Than Clinton In Georgia’s 6th

Ossoff almost pulled off a major upset win in a district comprising some of Atlanta’s wealthiest, best-educated suburbs – an area that has been represented in Congress by Republicans for almost four decades. “It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th”. And that could have mixed results for the Republican candidate.

That district had been held by former Congressman Tom Price who is now the secretary of Health and Human Services.

But Democratic Party supporters were fired up, said University of Georgia professor Charles S. Bullock.

– Georgia Governor Nathan Deal endorsed 6th Congressional District candidate Karen Handel on Thursday. “Of course he has a vested interest in making sure that a Republican holds the seat”. Both districts include many affluent, educated residents. And they’ll be running against a historically unpopular president.

Simas says there are also some differences between the two districts. “But looking politically, TX-7 and GA-6…[are] fairly similar on political demographics”.

“There are probably a large number of districts around the country where it would make sense to wrap both your arms around this president as a Republican”, Lake said.

Now that the choice is directly between Handel and Ossoff, Trump could get more directly involved in rallying district voters with a trip to Georgia.

“You do have a little bit of a demo shift here, right?” “There’s a Democratic enclave, and a higher Hispanic population, when comparing it.to Georgia”. “Partly because I think he will insist on it”, said Dr. Kerwin Swint of Kennesaw State University.

The president’s approval rating has not topped 50 percent since he took office on January 20, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. “But if I were Culberson, I would be doing what I can for my district”.

“The Democratic base is totally engaged, totally fired up, and anybody that thinks that is going to go away I think is whistling past the political graveyard”, Cole said.

Ossoff and Handel will now compete in a runoff on June 20.

The president pulled off his upset victory by winning traditionally Democratic states such as MI and Pennsylvania while underperforming in some affluent and well-educated Republican suburbs, including in deep red Southern states. National Republican groups spent millions of dollars painting Ossoff as a neophyte who does not live in the area he aims to represent.

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