NY welcomes Trump with protests, security measures

A block south of Trump Tower, police officers with bullhorns confronted protesters pressing against and straining the barricades, telling the demonstrators to step back.

President Trump is set to spend his first night at his Manhattan penthouse since becoming president.

According to Curbed, several protests have been planned for the duration of Trump’s stay in ny.

“It is the outlines of a new civil war in this country”, Dix said. Greeting him at the door of Trump Tower will be thousands of protestors denouncing his administration, especially after this weekend’s violence in Charlottesville.

Crowds have gathered inside and outside of Trump Tower in NY to take a stand against the president’s comments after a weekend of deadly violence in Virginia, where white supremacist groups and counter-demonstrators clashed. But Thai said his family was united against the president on most social issues.

She called his response to the violence called his “wishy-washy”, which was condemned by those on both sides of the political aisle as not forceful enough following the tumult in Charlottesville.

Several other people held signs that read “PEACE” and “We The People SAY NO” in white font against a Pride flag. Then, taking pains to insist “as I said on Saturday”, Trump denounced the hate groups and called for unity. She said he emboldened the so-called alt-right, a wing of the conservative movement the blends racism, populism and white nationalism.

“They just threw this girl on the floor”, said Gia Greer, running away from the crowd.

“He knows it’s his base, and he doesn’t want to alienate it”. After the violence left one person dead and more injured, critics have connected this incident to the charged rhetoric and the race-fueled controversies which marked Trump’s rise to the presidency.

About 1,000 protesters greeted President Trump in Manhattan in his first arrival at Trump Tower as president.

“We are here because Donald Trump is a fascist who has released White Supremacists to march through the streets and murder our people”, the group said. After a 20-minute Marine One helicopter flight to a landing zone near Wall Street, his motorcade whisked him to his triplex home at Trump Tower overlooking Fifth Avenue.

But it wasn’t enough to pacify angry New Yorkers who flooded Fifth Ave. “That illusion of a post-racial America was shattered this weekend”.

The crowd gathered at the corner of 56th and 5th St., many of them chanting “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist US”, with several of the signs taking on similar messaging.

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