Nigerian Imam talks about importance of fasting during Ramadan

He said, “Ramadan becomes a very helpful opportunity to bring people together, those who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and linguistic backgrounds”.

Eid Al-Fitr, or “the feast of breaking the fast”, is a three-day religious holiday marking the end of Ramadan, which is celebrated by Muslims worldwide.

And after a month of fasting, reflection and charity, there’s a huge celebration: Eid. In fact, he described it as “unique”.

Many pilgrims from around the world travel to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah for Umrah – a pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any time of the year – during Ramadan.

Why do Muslims quick throughout Ramadan?

It is reported that the Prophet said, “Whoever stays up (in prayer and remembrance of Allah) on the Night of Qadr, fully believing (in Allah’s promise of reward) and hoping to seek reward, he shall be forgiven for his past sins”. He urged Muslims to prepare for it in order to do it properly and reap its spiritual benefits.

At first, he said he was uncomfortable openly expressing his Muslim faith, out of fear he’d be shunned.

Thousands of school pupils will be sitting examinations during Ramadan this year. Our tongues must fast with us by watching speeches that we make. It is a month of reflection on who you are and the humanity with which you navigate your presence in this world.

“You must ensure that you do various forms of Ibaadah”.

The Masjid Abubakr Al-Saddik Mosque also welcomes the curious during the holy month and any other time. Other activities include public talks during Ramadan and Iftar dinners with non-Muslims. People will change their lifestyle positively.

Announcing the timings of various services during the holy month, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said from Saturday to Wednesday, the Metro service will be operational on both the lines from 5am to 12am.

“It is also the month of dua (supplication)”.

Scholars are also disturbed by the proliferation of evening television shows during Ramadan.

Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR Oklahoma, has seen Ramadan through both the Muslim and Christian perspective.

According to Aletihad, the crescent Moon could not be sighted in several regions in the kingdom, including Sudair and Shukra, meaning Wednesday will be the 30th day of Shaaban and the first day of Ramadan will fall on Thursday.

Muslims in Singapore will usher in the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday (May 17), kicking off a month of fasting.

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