New Michael Brown security footage surfaces; raises questions

Pollock’s video shows Brown trade what he says is marijuana for cigarillos with clerks at the Ferguson Market convenience store in the early morning hours before he was killed.

Brown started to leave with a bag but turned around and handed it back to the clerks to hold for him, Pollock said in the documentary.

Amid the alleged robbery, a witness contacted authorities to report a “stealing in progress”.

Then-Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told the media days after Brown’s death that the “robbery does not relate to the initial contact between the officer and Michael Brown”.

In that encounter, he is seen shoving store owner Andy Patel before leaving with the cigars.

Kanzler clarified that he didn’t know what was in the baggie that the clerks took from Brown, but said the only reason he returned the bag to the clerks was because he hadn’t paid for items.

Read: Where Is Darren Wilson Now? It showed Brown, a recent high school graduate, entering the Ferguson Market Liquor, approaching the counter and then, after several moments, reaching for cigarillos. That’s when the controversial shooting happened. The officer who killed him was not charged.

Patel and police previously said Brown had stolen the cigarellos. Amid the struggle, the gun fired twice and the teen was subsequently shot in the hand.

Either way, Ferguson, and Mike Brown’s killing are back in the national news with even more questions than before.

Ultimately, none of this is why Michael Brown died.

Wilson then stopped his patrol auto to talk with the teens and a heated altercation immediately followed. All that matters is how Mike Brown reacted to Officer Wilson’s attempt to talk to him. The shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri has been called a tipping point on the issue of race and policing of Black communities. Local and federal investigations cleared Wilson of criminal wrongdoing.

New footage, included in a documentary, emerged showing Brown in the Ferguson Market Liquor store just hours before his death. However, a newly released video may prove otherwise.

An attorney for the store tells the New York Times that its employees did not sell Brown cigarillos for pot. If Pollock’s theory is correct, Brown would not have been robbing the store later that day, which was the police’s explanation.

The filmmaker said the new footage, which had not been seen by the public, puts the “altercation” shown in the police video in a new context. Pollock later obtained the footage, though it’s unclear how.

The video shows Brown giving store employees what appears to be a small bag, the contents of which the employees pass around and sniff. Officers claimed that Brown committed a strong-armed robbery at a convenience store. Therefore, they were never stolen.

Pollock is challenging the police account of the day’s events though the convenience store and the employees have denied the filmmaker’s account. There was no understanding.

Police and EMS quickly determined that Michael Brown was dead where he fell