New England Patriots Best Bengals

Brady Makes Triumphant Return to Gillette

– Rob Gronkowski gets a bullion star after hauling in 7 catches for a career-high 162 yards.

This Sunday afternoon in Foxborough, a New England Patriots degraded a Cincinnati Bengals, 35-17, in Tom Brady’s initial diversion during home in a 2016 unchanging season.

FLATTENED BENGALS: Cincinnati’s invulnerability has been roughed-up, permitting 3 touchdown passes of some-more than 40 yards and a 60-yard touchdown run in a final 3 games.

Having Gronk behind in a lineup, and, some-more importantly, during 100 percent health, advantages a Patriots some-more than any other actor on that group – with a difference of Tom Brady.

Bennett pronounced that both he and Gronk leave a some-more witty tools of their personalities outward a assembly room, where it’s all football as they disintegrate hostile defenses. But, it’s time to be endangered since we competence be streamer in that direction. “I’ve never pronounced that about any team”, he said.

UP NEXT: Cincinnati: Bengals horde Browns on Sunday. Seattle’s feat softened a patrol to 4-1 on a year and dual games transparent in a detriment mainstay over a LA Rams in a competition for a NFC West title.

When articulate about a team’s defensive diversion devise and if profitable courtesy to Gronkowski was of pinnacle importance, Marvin Lewis pronounced “Oh yeah”, following a loss. Yet, that does not meant all is as it should be only since a scoreboard says things worked out.

The NFL is reportedly reviewing a strike by Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict on New England Patriots parsimonious finish Martellus Bennett. But Kirkpatrick’s bootleg hit chastisement kept a expostulate alive. The Patriots afterwards marched 78 plays over subsequent 6 plays and scored on a 15-yard pass from Brady to James White.

“We’ll see early in a week”, he said. “Any time we have interrelated football, we win games”. However, one thing has been Brady’s kryptonite: pressure. He also ran for 66 yards. “You’re not going to win since you’re emotional”.

“He doesn’t remove in that track frequency ever, so it’s going to be hard”, he said.

The Bengals defenders are notoriously downhill aggressors with controversial ability to change direction, so a Patriots attempted to get them to punch in one instruction before throwing in another. Later in a game, Rob Gronkowski would be flagged for unsportsmanlike control after removing into a exhilarated sell with a flurry of Bengals.

Because of some really bad insurance by a descent line, there wasn’t adequate time for a parsimonious ends or receivers to get open downfield. Their invulnerability done a pivotal goal-line stop that shifted movement in a initial half, and a reserve early in a third entertain incited a waves towards New England for good.

“I’ve got to watch it now”, Gronkowski said. “We were in a lot of long-yardage situations, third-and-30, second-and-20”. Since we got here in 2000, we feel that with all a (Boston) teams. To do that, a Bengals need a improved using game, a lapse of Eifert, a smarter invulnerability and for Andy Dalton to keep personification a approach he’s been playing. We have only grown too used to saying Gostkowski and his predecessor, Adam Vinatieri, bury margin goals from all over a margin and from each stretch in a game. By a finish of a diversion a Patriots were means to travel divided with a 17-35 victory, their second uninterrupted win. Right tackle Cedric Ogbuehi got benched during a third entertain in New England, yet he was behind for a final series. The Patriots placekicker missed an additional indicate on Sunday, finale a strain of 478 in a quarrel dating behind to his rookie deteriorate of 2006. But San Francisco (1-5) couldn’t finish drives, settling for 3 margin goals by Phil Dawson, in losing the fifth true game.

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