New Details Revealed of Republicans’ Plan to Replace Obamacare

We finally have a more comprehensive idea of the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the law better known as Obamacare. Republicans there and elsewhere worry about what to do with those millions of people who now have health insurance for the first time. He said it would “put insurance companies back in charge” while boosting health care costs for millions and kicking millions of others off their plans. More than half said Medicaid is important to them or family members.

The Republican governors’ Medicaid proposal, a draft of which was obtained by The Associated Press, urges Congress to change Medicaid from an open-ended federal entitlement to a program designed by each state to stay within financial limits. She declined to elaborate on whether their coverage is through the ACA marketplace or the Medicaid expansion but said previous coverage for her son, starting when he was diagnosed at 5 years old, cost $500 a month.

Obamacare is enjoying its highest popularity levels since shortly after the health insurance law was passed in 2010.

Ryan’s plan also calls for enhancing and expanding Health Savings Accounts and providing Americans access to “a portable, monthly tax credit that they can use to buy a health insurance plan”.

The leaked plan, a 105-page document, mostly followed outlines that GOP leaders have advanced previously to show how they’d repeal and replace Obamacare. The hope, according to congressional sources, is to let the governors cut a deal on an issue that directly impacts their states and let the White House and Republican leaders endorse the plan that eventually emerges. Democratic governors said Saturday that their Republican counterparts were being dishonest about the effects of their plan. Under the plan, states that want to keep the program will be able to, but the federal funding would be drastically curtailed and it would be in the form of block grants based on the number of Medicaid enrollees.

And instead of subsidies based on income to help low-income people afford costly premiums, the law would give tax credits based on age.

He said lawmakers were too confident in how easy they thought the process would go. Many speakers at the rally said the Affordable Care Act has not gone far enough, and endorsed Sanders’ goal of a single-payer health care system.

Count the former Republican Speaker of the House-who waged his own war against the Affordable Care Act during his time in office-among those who believe the healthcare law won’t be fully repealed.

Pro-life Republicans opposed to abortion services offered by Planned Parenthood have long pushed for defunding the nonprofit organization despite the fact that current law prohibits it from using federal funds to cover abortion procedures.

The bill attempts to encourage healthy people to buy insurance by mandating that they can not be charged more for existing medical conditions, or, once they get sick, if they maintain continuous coverage.

New Details Revealed of Republicans' Plan to Replace Obamacare

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