NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Glenn Robinson III Shines In Overall Dreadful Competition

Robinson’s first dunk was arguably the dunk of the night-he threw down a reverse after grabbing the ball from someone who was perched on someone else’s shoulders.

The contest as a whole proved underwhelming in comparison to recent years, but not for lack of Robinson, who separated himself among a lot of missed dunks. “She’s following me everywhere I go”. “I could always dunk of 7- or 8-foot rims, no problem”. To be fair to Robinson III, though, one has to wonder whether we’ve officially exhausted all creative and feasible dunking possibilities after past year. In that one, Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon engaged in one of the most memorable dunk duels of all-time, trading flawless scores for several rounds before LaVine eventually emerged victorious. Paul George is the one in white. We added the mascot and the cheerleader. “I knew all along I had some things planned and I just wanted to show the world”. My adrenaline was going.

In twenty years, I might only remember DJ Khaled when I think of 2017 All-Star Saturday night.

Although there are no Milwaukee Bucks participating in this season’s event, it seems like as good time as ever to look back to the franchise’s past in the Slam Dunk Contest. While Gordon should be the odds on favorite to win it this year, Lavine tore his ACL in February.

Gordon has already proved that he deserves to be in the contest, but the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan, the Suns’ Derrick Jones Jr. and the Pacers’ Glenn Robinson III will try to prove why they deserve the title. Then we saw a player score only 10 points in a full round of the 3-point contest, and it was concluded with the biggest stink bomb of all – the dunk contest. The finalists of the shooting competition – joined by other celebrities, alumni, and National Basketball Association players including DeMar DeRozan – took turns shooting threes, with $10,000 for each make going toward #SagerStrong charities. I hadn’t really got time.

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