More than 26 People Killed in Congo protests: Sources

Security Officers killed some-more than 26 people who were protesting opposite a current President of Congo Joseph Kabila, say reports.

It has been reported that a troops army were banishment bullets fast but saying anyone and also warned that they would do this again in sequence to lift fear in people.

Well, it all started after a stream boss kabali’s assign got lapsed in this Nov and he was asked to competition an election.

But a statute celebration pronounced that they need some-more time, during slightest 1-2 years more. And as per as justice hearing, a stream boss can sojourn to be in energy until a new choosing happens.

Kabali took a assign of bureau in 2001 after his father was assassinated.

However, a electoral elect has also pronounced that they need time as well, to register around 30 million electorate and that too with “worst” ride facility.

The protest, that was clearly orderly by a antithesis to reason a statute celebration behind on their preference of loitering a election, finished adult after a confidence army shot 26 people to passed during different places.

Another news says that a protesters initially burned a domicile of a statute celebration in Kinshasa.

The conduct of a opposition, Etienne Tshisekedi, has duration released a matter online in that he urged people for “peaceful protests”.

Slamming a stream president, Etienne called him “treason” for not contesting elections and requested to a people of Congo as good as a general community to no longer commend Kabila’s authority.

But a saddest partial of all these things is, people are failing and 26 have died yet.