Mom-To-Be Cardi B Shuts Down Coachella

However, the energetic set took its toll on the star, who laughed at one point: “I’m running out of breath, you know my pregnant a-“. You can check out some footage of her debut performance at the music festival below. This record establishes a new level in her rise to stardom and proves that she’s here to stay. After doing a few favorites from her mixtapes, she did nearly every song from her #1 album, “Invasion of Privacy”.

But this does not imply that her pregnancy did not affect her at all.

In other news, Cardi B remarkably becomes the fifth female rapper ever to top the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Her giant-killing ways are just getting started. “I’m not saying women can’t do both, I just wish she delayed it a few years”.

Cardi B and her dancers paid homage to TLC as she dressed as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from the video “No Scrubs”. She also broke streaming records when she amassed 100 million plays during her first week. “Why can’t I have both?” she asked.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Cardi’s live performance has made a splash. Writer, Rob Sheffield, of Rolling Stone proclaimed that this album is, “lavishly emotional, intimately personal, wildly amusing”, and also stated that this album proves Cardi B is not going anywhere anytime soon. Her rapping is vulgar, and she holds several liberal views; but she does have moments of sensible life observations.

Cardi told Charlamagne Da God, that she “kinda sorta” considered not having the baby, but wanted to show people a different perspective of affluence and motherhood.

Source Twitter