Military Official: US Could Destroy N. Korean Nuclear Infrastructure

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said January 16 in Vancouver that Washington rejected such an approach because it falsely equates legitimate defensive military actions by the United States and its allies with unlawful actions by North Korea.

The South described the North’s decision “regrettable” and called on the North to faithfully implement all agreements.

Trump offered no new prescription or specifics on how he meant to rein in North Korea. North Korea’s nuclear program is believed to be literally starving their people, including the infamous million man army.

As part of safety precautions, drone-catching drones will be on hand to cast nets over any dangerous-looking unmanned aerial vehicles that approach the Olympics grounds in Pyeongchang.

This would include through the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), one of the world’s most guarded borders, which separates North and South Korea. Its leaders, starting at the top with Kim, have imposed a level of terror unmatched in modern history.

“We need to see inaction from North Korea before we even consider sitting down with them”, Haley said following a U.N. Security Council meeting with Trump at the White House. Such talk is misguided, said Victor Cha, a Korea analyst at the senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies whom the Trump administration considered for the ambassador post to North Korea.

The workers at the clothing factories reportedly receive 16,000 North Korean won, or about $2 a day, in wages while those who iron earn about 10,000 won, or less than a dollar.

North Korea has a history of last-minute cancellations and unexplained reversals, and some experts say it might have sought to gain concessions from the South.

Although the North Korean military appears to be buckling due to the increased sanctions, the communist state has found ways around certain trade restrictions. To add a decidedly North Korea flair, a huge television screen standing near the base of the ski runs blared patriotic music played by the country’s most popular musical group, the Moranbong Band.

Another South Korean witness, given the pseudonym, Baek Doo-won, was quoted in the report as saying the Chinese government has been pulling private Chinese companies out of North Korea’s Rajin special economic zone, which was established in 1991. For K-pop songstresses, micro shorts, navel-baring t-shirts and raunchy dance moves are virtually de rigueur. North Korea denied any wrongdoing.

The standoff, he said, “requires a steel-willed realism and clarity as to what are the objectives” while Kim Jong-un sees nuclear weapons as “essential to unifying Korea” under his own dictatorship. As the communist government becomes more obsessed with being able to nuke the U.S., “for defense”, the North Korean people suffer more from radiation poisoning, hunger, and poverty. On this data point alone, North Korea’s economy may have shrunk 1.8 percent previous year. The killing of the woman prompted Seoul to halt all southern visits to the scenic area. Warmbier’s family members were present in the chamber.

Trump Says North Korea Leadership'Depraved' Warns Of Nuclear Missile Threat