Media Shut Out of President’s Speech to Republicans

In his first State of the Union address, Trump proposed four pillars of immigration reform that include a pathway to citizenship for nearly 1.8 million illegal immigrants – known as “Dreamers” – who were brought in the USA by their parents at a young age, border security, ending the visa lottery programme and limiting family-based migration.

His second home run was his first State of the Union address before Congress, where he lauded the many historic achievements in his first year of office – far too voluminous to mention in this space. “Need more Republicans in ’18”, he said. “Most of the Dreamers are not kids anymore”. He said citizenship in 12 years.

“Americans love their country and deserve a government that shows them the same love and loyalty in return”, he said. “Shipping out everyone is bad”. “I think they want to use it for political purposes for elections”.

His plan would couple citizenship rights for 1.8 million illegal immigrants with a $25 billion trust fund to build his border wall, strict limits to the chain of family migration, and elimination of the Diversity Visa Lottery that gives away 50,000 immigration passes per year, based on chance.

“I do not see eye to eye with President (Donald) Trump and Republicans in Congress on many issues”, she said at the beginning of her three-minute talk. Immigration is a serious issue, and it should be discussed openly and decided by democratic institutions. On Feb. 8, there is a deadline to keep the federal government functioning, which is closely associated with discussions on illegal immigration.

“If you took President Trump’s name off of it and just told them what the plan was, it might be closer”, Carroll Strategies President Tom Carroll said. “Start pushing Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to work out a DACA fix, now”. Fair enough. Instead of nonstop attacks, they should emulate Trump and make a serious counteroffer with concessions toward his position.

“Both parties should come to the middle on this”, Dellamonica said.

So it’s time to make clear that there is a big difference between the almost 700,000 DACA recipients and the estimated 2.9 million Dreamers who don’t have DACA protection – because they did not apply, or applied but didn’t qualify. Yesterday, both in a speech and on Twitter, Donald Trump blamed Democrats for the lack of action.

One Hudson resident, Rosa Pfeil, had a unique perspective. She called the speech “welcoming and positive” on reforming immigration. “I agree that the ones who came here young should stay here”. If they work hard and have faith in the United States they can become, achieve, and dream anything, unconditionally. “Thank you for your words but what are you doing about it in terms of legislation or not even legislation, in terms of just something that will shield us from that immediate danger that we’re facing every day?” However, the deadlines for President Trump’s proposals are fast approaching, with one coming on February 8., which is related to how the United States government can appropriate its expenditures to keep the country running as smoothly as possible.

Donald Trump.   Mark Wilson   Getty