‘Logan’ Will Also Be Patrick Stewart’s Last ‘X-Men’ Film

Meanwhile, Hugh – who has now played the iconic character for the final time – previously said “Logan” has more depth to it than previous Wolverine movies. The result? A gritty, western stylized adventure featuring the character aged, scarred, and hiding from his past. As the film repeatedly likes to remind the audience, it’s one last ride for the last gunslinger in town.

When Jackman confirmed that Wolverine 3 will indeed be his final appearance as the mutant clawed superhero, he chocked his exit to simply feeling that now was the right time to leave. Specifically, Mangold, who wrote the “Logan” script with co-scripter Scott Frank and Michael Green, set out to create a character-driven piece that would focus on Logan (Jackman), Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen) as they made their way across a barren landscape. Given that Logan is now coming out we haven’t seen a video like this so it’s cool. Logan and Xavier unwillingly become a part of the plan to save Laura and the trio embark on a risky adventure, which forms the crux of the film.

Writer-director James Mangold took the charge of bringing the character and his journey to a conclusion with Logan.

Actor Hugh Jackman and his actress-wife Deborra-Lee Furness are reportedly heading for a split. Jackman is great in the title role, but we’ve come to expect that, outside X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

“I had no reason to think that this is the end of the relationship with X-Men franchise at all”. We can really do better than this. “Unfortunately, I was wearing the X-Men suit and all the X-Men cosplayers were told to stand beside the stage so we were not able to get close to him”.

“I mean, let’s put it another way, which was quite intentional: I was not coming back, nor was Hugh Jackman, to make a kind of artifact that exists to both continue a kind of DVD suite that they sell every year in a package”.

Hugh Jackman reprises his Wolverine character in “Logan.”

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