Letter to the Editor: For Tax Reform Benefiting All

Given the tax code has been untouched on a comprehensive basis since President Reagan’s reforms in 1986, the White House and Congressional leadership have ambitiously set out creating what Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, promised would be “the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in U.S. history”.

“Everyone’s saying what is she doing up here?”

“That’s why we appeal to the world meteorological Association with a request to rename hurricane “Irma” in a hurricane “Ivanka”,” – said in the petition.

Those who do support the president also showed up with the hopes of meeting the president.

Mr. Trump emphasized a bi-partisan tax reform even though way more Republicans support his proposal than Democrats.

“We just want their support, because we need support”.

While the speech was short on details, Trump said details will be available in the next couple of weeks. Nobody can get anything through Congress. She voted against several of Trump’s Cabinet nominees, including Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary, who is leading the efforts on tax reform.

If President Trump’s trip to North Dakota on Wednesday was created to bully the state’s lone Democratic lawmaker, Heidi Heitkamp, into supporting his tax reform plans, he may have boosted her re-election campaign instead. He said having Heitkamp along for the trip was a “brilliant strategy” on Trump’s part. Yes, Heidi is listening.

America-first tax reform should focus on making the US the most attractive place in the world to do business, rather than punishing those who choose to do business elsewhere through minimum taxes or forced repatriation.

“She said, ‘Dad, can I come with you?’”, said Trump.

Previously, tax reform plans from Trump and House Republicans have included a doubling of the standard deduction.

Trump met earlier at the White House with top House and Senate leaders of both political parties.

Trump was in friendly territory: He won North Dakota by 36 points previous year and has championed policies that benefit its energy sector.

“We are with you 100 percent”, Trump said during his almost 40-minute speech. “We’re not going to put her on the spot”. “Believe me”, he stressed.

But Kelly apparently hasn’t yet addressed a particularly annoying and presumptuous practice that the president’s eldest daughter engages in. First, he called for a tax code that is “simple fair and easy to understand”.

He said 94 percent of the families need professional help to do their taxes.

“That’s one business I want to drive down”, Trump said.

Supporters and protesters were yelling at each other from across the street. “I’m happy about trying to get rid of the death tax, it really makes a big difference to the farmers in this state”.

Three: restore the country’s competitive edge. The plan would also eliminate the so called “death tax”, which is the taxes on certain inheritances. “Ideally, we would like to bring our business tax rate down to around 15 percent”, he said.

The president’s fourth goal is to “bring back trillions of dollars in wealth that’s parked overseas and just can’t come back”.

House Speaker Paul Ryan left and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell right listen as Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on tax reform in the White House