Le Pen Launches Presidential Bid, Vows to ‘Put France First’

Her speech on Sunday included an explanation of the 144 “commitments” to help people who feel they have left out of the globalized economy, those anxious about immigration and others concerned about the French identity and culture.

Le Pen is leading early polls as Macron took advantage of the scandal from the other candidate, Francois Fillon, to get near Le Pen.

According to Mason, right-wing leaders like Le Pen and Trump have common enemies; namely, foreign immigrants, people of color as well as non-Christians in both the United States and France.

The far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has officially started her bid for the presidential election in April.

“He is the only candidate who says that things will not be worse tomorrow than they are today and that the changes we are facing are not all doom and gloom”, said one supporter, 49-year-old Guy Tremblay.

Speaking in Lyon the day before Le Pen addressed her own supporters, Macron said he was the only candidate capable of rising above the traditional left-right split in French politics.

An incident at the Louvre museum in Paris on Friday, where a man wielding two machetes and shouting “Allah Akbar” (God is greatest) was shot after attacking a group of soldiers, has shifted the focus onto Le Pen’s preferred subjects of security, Islam and immigration.

He opined that Le Pen stands no chance of becoming the president in 2017, but she may be elected in the next election in 2025.

Criticising the EU at her rally, Le Pen said: “The European Union has placed us under guardianship, we will have to find a compromise with Europe to regain sovereignty”.

Le Pen has pledged to…

Le Pen listed Muslim veils, mosques or prayer in the streets of France as unacceptable cultural dangers that “no French person. attached to his dignity can accept”.

Le Pen also wants to retain as much wiggle room as possible on the most sensitive issues – notably what to do about the euro.

Meanwhile, “drastically limiting immigration” is among the main points of Marine Le Pen’s program, the politician said.

Emphasising France’s Christian heritage, she said French people were “having ways of thinking imposed that are opposite to ours”.

Rogue Twitter feeds voicing employee concerns at more than a dozen USA government agencies have been launched in defiance of what they say are Trump’s attempts to muzzle federal climate change research and other science.

Also running for the French presidency are leftists Jean-Luc Melenchon and Benoit Hamon.

Renaud Girard, a French journalist, told Al Jazeera: “Marine Le Pen does not have any ally”.

Mr Fillon has battled on in the face of opinion polls suggesting most French voters think he should pull out of the election.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron called on U.S. scientists at odds with Donald Trump's administration to move to France on Saturday