Kim Kardashian claps back at Lindsay Lohan

Williams said the mother of three is thirsty and is desperate for her husband’s attention and affection.

The very sexy star has been teasing fans with an extreme display of skin online.

The new do drew mixed reviews, with some commenters accusing Kardashian West of “cultural appropriation”. Recently, media reports have found that Kim is planning to give birth to her next child. “I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim, but this is absurd”.

Lindsay was not impressed, simply stating what we imagine everyone else was thinking: “I am confused”.

She went on to say: “It is clear that Kanye does not pay attention to you”.

Anyway, despite her blur-tool skills, some people still weren’t happy with the amount of flesh on display in the picture.

Kim Kardashian has been at the centre of controversy this week for her new hairstyle. “Acknowledge your privilege – while it looks unbelievable, please understand many black people are oppressed for wearing hairstyles like this”.

She eventually had to address the reaction.

“Hi, can I get zero f**ks please, thanks”, the 37-year-old reality star captioned a photo from the shoot of herself on a landline while simultaneously looking at her cell phone. One Twitter user wrote, “Kim Kardashian on snap talking bout her Fulani braids are “Bo-Derek braids, ‘ while she got 3 black children I CANT tonight”.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the goings-on of Lindsay’s life, Kim is referring to the puzzling European accent the former actress adopted in late 2016 after a year of traveling. The actress debuted the accent at the opening of her Greek nightclub, where she was caught sounding much different than her “Mean Girls” days.

Kim Kardashian West is not here for Lindsay Lohan’s opinions about her hair. We say had, in past tense, because she suddenly debuted a freaky British accent in October 2016, confusing the HECK out of everyone. Ouch! Kim’s on fire.

Have we just witnessed the start of 2018’s biggest showbiz spat?

Kim Kardashian claps back at Lindsay Lohan