Kim Jong-nam death

Four of the seven North Korean suspects being sought by Malaysia are believed to have left the country the day Kim was killed.

Malaysia is one of the few countries outside China that has for decades maintained ties with the isolated North Korea.

An official at South Korea’s National Intelligence Service told Reuters the man in the video is Kim Han-sol, the 21-year-old son of Kim Jong-nam, who was killed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last month by assassins using the super-toxic VX nerve agent.

“I want to call on all Malaysians, including the leaders of the government and the opposition, to unite in giving us full support towards all efforts that are ongoing to resolve this problem”, he wrote.

“The three family members were met quickly and relocated to safety”, said the statement.

But, he added that his government “will not relent from a firm approach” in dealings with North Korea. “They are free to do their daily activities, but they can not leave the country”.

But the fate of the match was thrown into doubt after Malaysian officials this week banned the team from playing in Pyongyang. “They carry United Nations laissez-passer documents”, he said.

Anifah said Malaysia did not need a third party’s involvement in resolving the stand-off with North Korea despite receiving many offers.

Taiwanese government sources have said there is no record of Kim Han Sol or his family entering the country, but did not rule out the possibility they may have passed through the country’s main airport while in transit.

Two Asian women, one from Indonesia and the other from Vietnam, have been charged with murder and face the death penalty if convicted.

It also thanked Lody Embrechts, the Dutch ambassador to North and South Korea, though Mr. Embrechts himself declined to comment on the situation.

A different source said that Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand, which all house regional offices of the U.S. CIA, are the likely transit points for Kim and his family, the Korean news agency Chosun Ilbo reported.

The video was posted by Cheollima Civil Defense, a group which claims to focus on rescuing North Korean defectors and refugees.

Under the Chemical Weapons Convention, OPCW states parties can “in cases of particular gravity” bring an issue to the attention of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly for possible action.

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