Kellyanne Conway Debuts “Trump Revolutionary Wear” at Inauguration

Senior advisor to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, says that a change is underway in the country’s capital. “Repealing and replacing Obamacare, regulatory reviews, tax reform.we’re looking for cooperation across the aisle”. “Kellyanne is the soulless machiavellian despot America deserves!”

“He’s going to inject a shock to the system here nearly immediately”, Ms. Conway said on “Fox Friends”.

Conway said the Trump inauguration and the Trump Administration would have “something for everyone”. In the early 1960s, the Patriots introduced a logo featuring a minuteman wearing a red tricorne hat, blue-and-white coat, white trousers and red socks. It’s like a gut renovation, not even a fresh coat of paint’.

While millions of people were lamenting that the first woman was not elected President, millions of others were happy to celebrate that the first man has been elected President who had employed a woman as his campaign manager.

But she went on to sarcastically make a point about why the “counselor to the president” is anything but a feminist icon. “We’re going because we as individuals want to go and just be there for it”.

“Oh my God you guys, it’s so unfair”, she said. ‘And sometimes what he has said gets distorted or jaundiced or outright twisted into unrecognizable fashion’.

Bee also had a segment last night interviewing Mash Gessen, a journalist who escaped Putin’s Russian Federation, on what we in America can do to resist an autocracy. So why aren’t feminists and liberals celebrating her, Fox News has asked? “And I know Kellyanne doesn’t believe those homophobic, sexist things in her heart, because Kellyanne doesn’t believe anything in her heart. Nobody can feel good about that”, she said.

‘He rarely draws first blood, ‘ she argued.

The social media team at TBS’ Full Frontal With Samantha Bee should consider building their own job-title creator app.

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