Joss Whedon Nears Deal to Direct Standalone “BATGIRL” Film

Picture Groups, Toby Emmerich, is working on overseeing the project along with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. He was even nearly the man behind the camera for the long-in-production Wonder Woman film, well before the current DCEU had developed.

Batgirl isn’t the only Batman spin-off to be announced, with a Nightwing standalone film also in the pipeline. The character has been seen in animation movies and television shows such as the classic Batman show starring Adam West. Barbara Gordon also appeared as her father’s successor as Commissioner in the recently released LEGO Batman Movie.

Her biggest change happened in Alan Moore’s seminal work Batman: The Killing Joke (March 1998), where the Joker left the hero wheelchair-bound after a devastating attack. This is not his first stab at a DC film; he previously signed on to write and direct a Wonder Woman film back in 2007 before the DC cinematic universe was a thing, but the project fell apart at the time. Batgirl is getting her own solo movie from Joss Whedon. She’s a hugely popular superhero who’s never had her own movie, much like DC’s Wonder Woman, which lands June 2. Whedon ended up suffering from an intensely public burnout in the wake of his struggles throughout the production of Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it’s a surprise (to say the very least) to see him circling another big-budget superhero feature so soon. Still, after the success with the Avengers, Whedon went on to be a creative consultant for Marvel Studios.

Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe launched with 2013’s “Man of Steel”, followed by last year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad”. Batgirl would be Whedon’s first new development since then. More specifically, they claim the film will be based on the New 52 version of the character.

As hard-core Scoobies are all too aware, Whedon’s major contribution to 20th century pop culture remains the badass Buffy canon, perhaps the most feminist of all female superheroes of all time.

Joss Whedon in talks to direct a Batgirl movie for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment