Johnson urges Trump to ‘counter’ Tehran aggression by keeping Iran deal

Russian Federation and China have released a joint statement reiterating the support for the landmark 2015 nuclear deal Iran made with major world powers.

The agreement has a dispute resolution clause that provides at least 35 days to consider a claim that any party has violated its terms.

Ending or blocking sanctions relief is a flagrant violation of the JCPOA which is predicated on Iran’s curbing its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

“Had the leaders of the Islamic Republic chose to go for a nuclear arsenal, they would have needed only a few months to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for their first bomb”.

The Iranian president, who is facing huge pressure from the nuclear deal critics, sent a message to the Iranian interior and tried to persuade Iranians when he said that the Iranian administration prepared a program for any step that might be made by Trump. They say they’ve made progress on some elements but haven’t agreed on the “sunset clauses” in the current deal – under which numerous key provisions expire in coming years and Iran is allowed to start enriching uranium to high levels again.

The Israeli official said that while he did not know what action Trump would take, there could be a range of options. But he added: “I don’t think that Donald Trump wants war”. Boeing separately struck another 30-airplane deal with Iran’s Aseman Airlines for US$3 billion at list prices.

Experts, however, didn’t see anything new in Netanyahu’s findings, and stated the “evidence” corresponded to old information that was already known at the time of reaching the deal.

European aeroplane manufacturer ATR struck a US$536-million deal with IranAir for at least 20 aircraft previous year.

“If you don’t violate a risky deal, it doesn’t make it less unsafe”, said Netanyahu, whose country is believed to be the Middle East’s sole nuclear power, though it has never acknowledged it.

A senior Israeli intelligence official said there were over 100,000 pages of documents that gave Israel new insight into how far the Iranian nuclear program progressed.

Once such a framework is in place, Congress should modify the legislation that now requires Trump to waive sanctions every few months (avoiding future crises over the deal), while incorporating some of the approaches agreed upon with the Europeans, to reinforce the message to Iran.

Restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities begin expiring in 2025.

He said he thought it was a bad deal.

Israel is believed to have been behind recent airstrikes on Syrian military bases that killed Iranian soldiers, prompting Tehran to vow retaliation.

While Rouhani did not elaborate on this point, Iran’s ally the Syrian government has consistently referred to all armed opponents as “terrorists” and accused the West of facilitating terrorism.

“The U.S. has always sought to sow intrigue against Iran but has never succeeded in the face of Iran’s greatness”, Rouhani said in a speech, addressing crowds at a rally in the northeastern city of Sabzevar.

Hassan Rouhani says Iran has plans to 'resist' any Trump decision on nuclear deal