Iran rejects new nuke deal by US, France

Firm handshakes, warm embraces, kisses, even a bit of grooming: the “bromance” between US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron has provided plenty of material for America’s late-night TV comedians. He said he did not have any specific inside information, but believed there was “a big risk” Trump would leave.

Macron said his US visit was a success in advancing a potential framework for Iran and the USA after the likely collapse of the nuclear deal.

Mrs Mogherini added any new agreement with Iran could only “build on” the current terms of the landmark deal signed between Iran and six world powers in 2015.

Together with Trump, Macron called Tuesday for a more comprehensive “new” deal with Tehran, but made clear to lawmakers that France would not be walking away from the existing accord.

“I like this guy a lot”, Trump said. Saudi Arabia’s foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, in a quick reaction to Trump’s statement during press briefing along with Macron, said Qatar must pay for the USA military presence in Syria if it wants to sustain Washington’s support. “It was a awful deal”. The Marquis de Lafayette, a French general who fought for the United States in the Revolutionary War, was the first foreign dignitary to address Congress in 1824 and Macron’s speech comes on the anniversary of one by Charles de Gaulle in 1960. Many had placed their hopes on the French leader to temper his American counterpart. The New York Times said the dress was meant to pay homage to the Macrons, as Chanel is a French label.

During the news conference on Tuesday, Mr Macron sometimes touched Mr Trump’s arm as he spoke, the Post reporterd. “We wrote these rules, we should follow them”.

“They wouldn’t be there except for the United States”.

“Qatar has to pay for United States military presence in Syria and send its military forces there, before the USA president cancels U.S. protection of Qatar, which hosts a (US) military base on its lands”, al-Jubeir said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Thursday.

“It would also address the issue that has been of concern for the Trump administration, which they typically refer to as “Iran’s destabilising activity”, in other words the influence that Iran has in places such as Lebanon, Yemen and Syria”.

Again and again, the French leader took on the policies Trump has pursued over the last 15 months.

The question being discussed within the administration, and between the USA and its European allies, he said, is “whether we can fix it enough to stay in it or if the president is going to decide to withdraw from it”. “Look at his campaign commitments… I’m not a masochist”, Macron said Wednesday at a press conference in Washington.

“I really don’t think President Trump actually realizes he’s going to have to face all of this in a few weeks’ time”, Shakdam lamented.

Mr. Macron also prodded the Trump administration on the Paris climate agreement, from which Mr. Trump withdrew the USA last summer.

Trump and France's Macron seek new measures on Iran as deadline looms