Iran nuclear deal: United Nations urges Trump not to walk away

Iran hawks argue that the idea of rival political camps is an illusion and that Rouhani was always beholden to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the theocratic cabal surrounding him.

Neither side has any intention of starting a war.

Several sources familiar with the negotiations said that if Trump pulls out, a question for the Europeans will be whether this would be the start of a much harder USA line toward Iran, including military confrontation. “We have a telephone hotline between the IDF and Russian contingent”, Liberman said regarding the ongoing coordination.

Israel, on the other hand, hopes that the relative peace and tranquility on its borders, which is helping to bolster its booming economy, will continue. And Syria and Lebanon in this case will be under his exclusive control. “Therefore, it is now clearer than ever that negotiations on missiles will only alter the regional balance to Iran’s disadvantage and in Israel’s favor”.

“Over the past decades, we have built special relations, very constructive and transparent”, Liberman told Kommersant.

Prior to the missile strikes, there were differing opinions in Tehran about the potential measures Trump might take in Syria. Questions about Israel’s nuclear bombs have not been juxtaposed with Israel’s desire for the overthrow the Iranian regime or bomb Iranian installations. Israel has complete superiority with its modernised air force and firepower and its geographic proximity to the battlefield. “They must have manufactured pieces of equipment in Iran”, Heinonen said. They are poorly trained and equipped.

The JCPOA has not been much of an impediment to Iran’s progress.

Mr Vaez also said, “We are in a vicious cycle, and the reality is that the collapse of the nuclear deal will significantly increase all these tensions”.

What has created the wrong impression that war is unavoidable are a few facts. “Your critics would say, ‘Who are you to complain about Iran, which is afraid of not only your bombers made in America, but also your large nuclear bombs and warheads?’” Iran also established its own enclaves in Syria’s army bases and airfields.

A senior Israeli official said Yossi Cohen, the chief of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, first informed Trump of the operation in January during a visit to Washington.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Lavrov commented on a recent televised show by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which he presented what he called documents on Iran’s “secret” nuclear work. If the USA backs away from Syria, that will leave Israel in the likely position of having to wage war at least against an Iranian base in Syria.

Till now, no one has taken the responsibility for the attack. Iranians have been killed in these raids.

Russian Federation and Israel have conflicting interests in the delicately-balanced seven-year long Syrian Civil War.

Syria has been struck by missiles that led to killing of 16 people. Iran has always denied it sought a nuclear weapon, insisting its atomic programme was for civilian purposes.

The warehouse was maintained by the Revolutionary Guard, The Times of Israel reported. The alliance includes Iran, Syria and Hezbolllah.

Mr. Hiltermann noted that late last month Israel also “piggybacked on global outrage over an apparent [Assad] regime chemical attack to carry out a second round of strikes”, which reportedly left 10 Iranian military personnel dead.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he describes how Iran has continued with its nuclear capabilities with the purpose of making atomic weapons in the Israeli Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv Israel 30 April 2018. Jim Hollander  EPA