Injured Capitol Police officer throws out first pitch in emotion

James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice.

Richmond said he saw Griner and Bailey nearly weekly when they fly home to Louisiana with Scalise. “Scalise’s security detail and Capitol Hill police immediately began to return fire and Alexandria police also immediately came and began to return fire”, he said.

” When tragedy broke out today, two Capitol Police officers engaged and took down the shooter. I’m going to go out and be with my constituents, whether they’re here, in Washington D.C. visiting me, or whether they’re in the district”, said Rep. Charles J. “If Scalise wouldn’t have been on the team, unfortunately he was hit and I hope he does well, but also by him being there he probably saved everybody else’s life”.

“Without the Capitol Police, who literally took a step forward … they saved all of us out there”.

Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner of the U.S. Capitol Police both were among victims of an unknown gunman wielding a rifle from 35 yards away, surprising members of Congress participating in an early-morning baseball practice.

A third agent shot at the gunman from behind the first-base dugout, where Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona; Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida; and Rep.

“I yelled out, ‘Is this friendly?”

“For some of the newer members they might think this is a brand new experience that Capitol Police and our local police are dealing with, but it’s not”, she said.

Griner and others injured in the shooting were paid a visit by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at MedStar Washington Hospital Center on Thursday (15 June). She graduated in 2006 from Maryland’s Hood College, where she played on the basketball team.

“I’m just glad the public gets to see the hero I’ve always known”, she said.

Bailey has since been released from the hospital, but Griner is reportedly still receiving treatment.

Griner is not on social media, but one of her friends applauded her efforts and says that her quick thinking and move to action is no surprise. Staffers and family members were also there; Rep. Joe Barton, R-Tex., said his two sons were in attendance, including his 11-year-old son.

That sentiment echoed throughout the Capitol.

“We are very sad and really sickened to hear about this”, said Captain Randy Howard of the Virginia Capitol Police.

Brooks said even after one of the officers was wounded, he limped toward the outfield in an attempt to help Scalise.

Gunman attacks GOP lawmakers