How You Can Help Animals Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Shelters like the Wisconsin Humane Society likely won’t see dogs and cats displaced from the Houston area, but they could get a call as early as Tuesday to take animals from crowded shelters in Texas’ neighboring states.

The team will help care for animals at a shelter in the Houston-area and work hand-in-hand with the Houston SPCA.

Willson said they are ready to bring pets back to MI, and will send down more staff as needed.

Bianchi came up with a list of needs by checking the Humane Society of the USA website, which has links to Houston area shelters and what they need, and her friend is taking the items to a distribution warehouse in Texas.

“Luckily a family who lived in the neighborhood had a boat and they went back and rescued the three other dogs from the upstairs bathroom”. He posted to Facebook saying “all animals were saved.”

While legislation has been adjusted to assist animals affected by the storm, many more animals will be displaced in the aftermath. He said the shelters are at full capacity and need to make room to take in evacuated dogs.

Now there are hundreds of animals without a home.

Predicting how any animal will behave in a crisis is impossible, she adds, but pets usually do one of four things: Escape; hide far away from people; seek reassurance from their owners; or-in rarer cases-become aggressive, even toward those who may be trying to help.

“We knew if we could lighten their load, they can do more to help animals and people on the ground”, she said.

The SPCA is working with a local rescue group, Zeus’ Place, to take care of animals from St. Landry Parish to coordinate their transport out of state.

“We’re taking 25 animals from Hilton Head”, said Pittman. “[T] hey need all the help they can get”. The animals would all be going to no-kill shelters, she noted.

The pets all of the organizations take in will eventually be available for adoption.

“We’re looking for foster families like we’ve never looked for them before”, Dinger says.

Estimates from the US Department of Agriculture indicate that there were more than 1.2 million beef cattle within the 54 Texas counties on the emergency declaration list. It’s asking for help with items like crates, food, leashes and bowls.

Several groups are on route to join forces with local organizations to help animals in need.

Dakin Humane Society assists in Hurricane Harvey relief