Here’s how much Nintendo Labo will cost you in Australia

Essentially, the Labo is a number of different paper craft kits you can purchase and then fold to create all manner of wondrous cardboard toys, like pianos or fishing rods or cars!

Nintendo will launch the Labo on April 20th in the US. From there, the IR Motion Camera in the controller can detect which keys you press and will immediately translate them into notes which you’ll hear from the Switch.

The buildable cardboard contraptions (to be sold by Nintendo as kits) combine with software to turn your gaming console into stuff like a piano or a fishing rod, complete with sound effects and minigames. There’s also a customisation set for making your Toy-Con your own. Nintendo is also releasing customisation kits, which are pretty much full of stickers, stencils, and coloured tape. Of course, a Nintendo Switch console is required to do any of these things.

NintendoWhat types of Toy-Cons are available? This is clearly the kit to grab if you want to get started with a bunch of different games.

Some of the potential options showcased are building a piano, motorcycle handlebars, and a fishing rod. When worn, you become a robot on the Switch, which moves like you do.

What do you make of the new Nintendo Toy-Cons kits? Nintendo calls these cardboard creations Toy-Con, a wordplay on Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

The robot kit, on the other hand, promises to let kids build a wearable exoskeleton that allows them to control an in-game robot with their own body.

The first in the Labo family is the Variety Kit, which retails at $69.99 and can be put to use in five different ways. If you guessed that this was where Nintendo was going to go with this announcement, then kudos to you, because this is certainly a surprise to most of us.

What do you think of Nintendo Labo?

United Kingdom owners will be able to grab both from the 27th April, but there’s no word on pricing yet. “Have fun discovering how it all works-you might even invent new ways to play with each Toy-Con creation”.

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