GTA suspends sales amid worldwide Note 7 recall

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s decision to replace 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following reports of at least 35 batteries exploding could wind up costing the company $1 billion United States dollars, according to analysts contacted by Bloomberg News. Well, those hours are ticking past, and we’re now walking right into the warm arms of Monday morning.

“In spite of the recall situation, I understand that there is no change in the plan to release the Galaxy Note 7 Black Onyx in the middle of October”, the Samsung official said. If the Galaxy Note 7 would explode while connected to the Gear VR, the incident could inflict serious injuries to the user, and so Galaxy Note 7 owners should just play it safe and hold off on using their smartphone with the virtual reality headset for now. If that’s true, and if Samsung gets past this exploding battery issue with resolve, next year’s smartphone market could see the two giants neck-in-neck.

In addition to the warning, the Galaxy Note 7 has been removed from the list of devices that are compatible with the Gear VR. Critical praise for the Note 7 and sales of the device, which were approaching 2 million units, have gone up in smoke. The Galaxy Note 7 unit had performed as admirably as always and showed no trouble or excess heat with charging, then suddenly exploded during charging on the night in question.

“Customers who have purchased a Galaxy Note7 from Samsung are entitled to a new Galaxy Note7 and a courtesy device until replacement Galaxy Note7 stock arrives or a full refund”, Samsung Electronics Australia said.

GTA explained that customers who have already purchased the Note 7 will be contacted by customer support to discuss available options.

Samsung showcased the second-generation Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 7, with the updated virtual reality headset featuring USB Type-C connectivity with a revamped and more comfortable design. T-Mobile is waiving its restocking fee, too. You should visit your local Sprint store to return your Note 7. Though Samsung has been quick to address one of the biggest mishaps in its history, it is estimated that such actions would cost it an estimated billion dollars. For more information, Samsung is asking United Kingdom customers to call its customer service line at 0330 7261000.

Samsung also has this dedicated page about its Note 7 exchange programme.

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