Google Blocked YouTube Access on the Amazon Echo Show

Now, Google says that Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates their terms of service and creates a broken user experience for the customer. In a statement, the company that invented the smart speaker, said that Google removed its streaming video service from the Echo Show without warning or explanation to owners of the device. Without integrating YouTube functions like channel subscribing and autoplaying next videos – which reportedly aren’t in place on the Echo Show – Amazon is holding back functionality that could ultimately benefit Google. Plus, starting today, all Fire TV devices and second-generation Fire TV Sticks can display home camera feeds, Amazon announced. This means that Echo Show users will not be able to play YouTube videos on the device. The decision had no technical basis and disappointing for their customers.

It’s possible that we’re seeing a similar type of disagreement between Google and Amazon. You can use this remote to control the Fire TV as well as use Alexa to control smart home devices, stream music, and more. It is likely that Google wants certain features to be included, such as subscriptions, autoplay, and so forth. Google has pulled its video service from the online retailer’s Echo Show platform, leaving owners with no access to the world’s largest video community.

Millions of Alexa users are already enjoying listening to music on Echo devices. Google’s Home smart speaker sells for $129, while Apple’s HomePod, due out in December, will cost $349 and aims to deliver high-quality sound.

The new Echo sports a smaller design than the original, as well as a Google Home-like removable cloth shell, and a lower price of just $99. “I would give the show 4 stars IF it had YouTube again (wasn’t that one of the selling points???)”, said one reviewer, who rated the Echo Show at two out of five stars. It’s a smart alarm, a device to read messages and make video’s also lovely looking. However, Google claims it has been in negotiations with Amazon on an agreement that will ensure customers have “great experiences” while using YouTube.

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