Georgia election heads for runoff as Dem falls just short of majority

Before Price held the seat it was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s, who at one point was the only Republican in the state’s House delegation. “And while Republicans have their backs against the wall, Democrats will keep their foot on the gas through Election Day because the residents of Georgia’s 6district deserve a representative who will fight for them”, he said. While Ossoff ended up as the top vote-getter in a crowded field of 18 candidates vying to fill the seat left vacant by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, he ended up short of the votes needed to win the seat outright. But for a first high-profile test of polling since the 2016 election, when surveys underestimated Donald Trump’s support, Georgia 6 is not consistent with the idea that polling is broken, or that polls are systematically missing Republican support.

“[Hammarley] called the controversy over Planned Parenthood funding ‘a burr in the saddle of Komen, but it withstood the issue for years and years.’ Hammarley said the issue became newly urgent after Handel was brought on last year”. It is also probably worth noting that the 6th district candidate who tried hardest to brand himself as a Trump loyalist, Bob Gray, finished a distant third.

For those of you wondering whether the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump are happy with what they’ve seen so far, last night provided your first hint of an answer.

I think that’s a flawed argument. Even Samuel L. Jackson cut an ad for Ossoff, declaring, “We have to channel the great vengeance and furious anger we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box”.

Most election observers expected a late night of vote counting, with a race that could be decided by a single point or less.

Get ready for the political spin. If Ossoff had crossed the 50 percent threshold, then he would have avoided a runoff and already be on his way to Congress. “There will certainly be a clear contrast”, Handel told AP. “Glad to be of help!” the president tweeted, pointing to the large sums of money raised by donors outside the state of Georgia. But he also benefitted heavily from a fractured Republican field that split the 6th District’s sizable GOP vote.

CAMEROTA: Do you think that President Trump will come to Georgia and campaign with you? He just “hopes to have a Republican elected”, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Like he did following Estes’ victory, Trump took a victory lap on Twitter.

“This is not a story about me”.

Democrats saw an opportunity, and soon the national party, as well as liberal grassroots groups, rallied around Ossoff, pouring upwards of $8 million into his campaign. Mike Pompeo, whose seat Estes filled when Pompeo became director of the Central Intelligence Agency, won his election in November by 31 points. I mean, look, we – all Republicans, it is all hands on deck for us.

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff speaks to his supporters