Four Common Myths about Germs We all Follow


Winter is about to hit our door and we all start worrying about germs and its adverse effect on health.

But wait, there are still few myths which we follow but in the actual world, they don’t make any sense.

Here we have come up with few myths and the truth behind that:

#1 Myth 1 – Drop a piece of “food” and if you pick it up within a second, then it’s safe to eat – Well, it is not like that. Dr. Wigglesworth explains that bacteria transfer the moment it touches the floor or anything and they (bacteria) are much faster than human.

#2 Myth 2 – Using Antibacterial Gel or Lotion protects you from germs – Many antibacterial gel or lotion manufacturers claim that their products can kill 99 percent of germs but the reality is something far from the figure. Dr. Ron Cutler explains that study has found that between 45% to 60% germs get killed with these antibacterial gel. And hence, it is necessary to wash the hands properly with water.

#3 Myth 3 – Air Conditioner is making you SICK in winter by recirculating germs – Dr. Claudia Pastidef explains that there is no any proper proof which supports this theory. And if we talk about today’s air conditioner, then it brings the fresh air from outside the building and hence no chance of recirculating of same air, which contains germs.

#4 Myth 4 – Antibacterial soaps are the safest way to clean your hands – As we all know that most brand claim of offering 99 % percent of germ kill but reality is far from this. Dr. Janet Woodcock explains that there is no evidence of such claim. In some cases, it has been noticed that these soaps have caused more harm than normal water.

So Guys, be clear – be safe.