Fighting for the Soul of the Democratic Party

The current system includes the use of several hundred so-called “super-delegates” – DNC members, party grandees and lawmakers who can vote for whomever they choose in the primary, regardless of how citizens vote in the states.

Another focus is the chair of the national party committee.

Well, you’ve probably heard of front runners Tom Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison. These two candidates are considered frontrunners, but each of them is very closely associated with one of the two main Democratic primary contenders. “Also, many candidates for statewide office make their announcement to run at Washington Days, so that presents a unique opportunity to meet and talk with those candidates”. This back and forth, instead of fostering constructive debate, led to damaging mudslinging.

Trump no doubt is watching the DNC race closely. It is unclear how many of those votes will now go to Perez, who already had the support of 205 DNC members, according to the strategists who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss vote tallies. His DNC Chair candidacy has been backed by Sen. It is important to evaluate what kind of direction the party needs. Perez’s candidacy represents the Obama administration and the Democratic status quo.

On Wednesday, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean became the fifth former party chair to endorse Buttiegig, after saying he was deciding between Harrison and Buttiegieg.

The two most compelling people on stage have no chance of winning: one a former head of Rock the Vote and the other the mayor of South Bend, Ind. – who’s beloved of mainstream media types because he’s a witty, gay Harvard Rhodes Scholar. Adding to his impressive resume, Pete is an openly gay, “churchgoing, antique gun collecting” millennial.

Regardless of the veracity of these claims, Ronan said that the Democratic party and its candidates should not accept financial backing from any foreign governments, let alone those that have been accused of widespread human rights abuses and violations of worldwide law. I know what a path to victory looks like.

Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson says “many of these groups already involve Democrats, so there’s not really a disconnect”. As if that weren’t enough, Democrats control less than a third of state legislatures and hold the keys to just sixteen governors’ mansions.

Louie Woodall is a member of Labour International, and a journalist based in NY. He has also been endorsed by a number of “left” organizations in the orbit of the Democratic Party including the Democratic Socialists of America, the Progressive Democrats of America and the Working Families Party.

The DNC’s members face a weighty choice this weekend.

The election for chair is set to take place Saturday during the DNC’s winter meeting in Atlanta over the course of next week. His candidacy is the bid Democrats need.

The ideological differences between the two may be overblown, but can not be overlooked in the current climate.

Who Are The DNC Chair Candidates? Their Debate Confronted America's Future               Source   Sarah Rice  Getty Images News  Getty Images

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