Father requests live on TV to get his transgender son killed

Raina (Adam Aliev) with her father Viktor_01_Vkontakte_east2west.jpg

A transgender lady (previously a man) got killed after her father pleaded live on TV to get her killed.

It’s pronounced that for a father, his children are all though this brainwashed male had zero to do with that and quietly pleaded live on TV to get her daughter killed, who altered sex recently to marry her adore of life.

As per as reports, Raina Aliev, underwent medicine around a month before her marriage with Victor.

Her father on a other hand, was repelled with a news of ‘sex change’ and also had suffered stroke.

He rather articulate to his daughter (son) personally, suspicion to go on inhabitant TV where he pronounced “I would be happy, if someone kills him”.

He combined “I don’t wish to see his face, we can kill him in front of my eyes, we won’t mind”.

A TV that reported her story, explained that she (he) was hated by a whole encampment and neighbors for selecting this ‘non-traditional’ option.

In a speak with a neighbor, who explained Raina as a ‘cheat’ by observant she (he) went Moscow and had medicine but informing anybody. She (he) kept everybody in dark.

A Muslim consultant pronounced on a other hand, “such practices are not authorised in Islam and if anyone does, he/she deserves punishment”.

He combined that “along with a chairman who altered his sex, a surgeon who achieved a medicine also deserves punishment”.

A member conduct of a village, pronounced that she (he) had delicate inlet from starting including her voice.

Meanwhile, military have launched an review and closely study a CCTV footage for some-more clues about a murders.