Fans fume (unfairly?) at Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ salary

As the Daily Dot notes, the large salary gap between Gadot and Cavill may be due to Hollywood’s gender pay gap. So, one would expect that a star such as Gal Gadot, who carried this superhit movie (and also, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where she was merely a side-character) would be rolling in some serious dough.

So, if we’re comparing Ben Affleck’s debut film to Gadot’s, she made just 1.1% of his salary. And Henry Cavill earned $14 million for the first time he played Superman in “Man of Steel”.

For comparison, Henry Cavill made a whopping $14 million for playing Superman in Man of Steel alone.

And if her Wonder Woman contract still remains this way, Gadot may have to just stick it out and take the $300,000 per picture deal, even as we know just how much one of her fellow DCEU male co-stars made. Seriously, watch your back, Hollywood studios; hell hath no fury like an actress who would maybe, at some point, like to be paid a salary that is commensurate with her male counterparts, if it isn’t too much trouble.

A source told TMZ that Gadot – who appears alongside Chris Pine and Robin Wright in the superhero adventure – will receive multiple times worth her base rate, although the final figure has yet to be unveiled.

Fret not for Gadot, however: After she finishes the extensive reshoots for Justice League, her contractual obligations will be met, and Warner Bros. will likely fork over big bucks to sign Gadot for Wonder Woman 2 and beyond.

In an interview published Tuesday in Variety, Warner Bros. So the fact that Patty Jenkins smashed records left, right and centre with her directorial offering of Wonder Woman should be a bit of a victory for women in film, right? After the massive success of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has officially signed on as director for the sequel.

There is precedent for men in the same roles to be paid the same amount; Chris Evans took home a reported US$300k for his first tilt at being ‘Captain America.’ “Course his take-home fist-o”-change has increased significantly in the ensuing series”. The movie has already proven itself to be the most critically successful film in the DC Extended Universe, and now it looks to be on its way to becoming the most lucrative as well.

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