Everything You Need to Know About Record Store Day

They also caution that not every store is going to order every release and, additionally, not all stores are necessarily going to get receive everything they order.

Minute-by-minute, box-by-box, the stacks of white square containers grew larger until they covered the Lincoln Vintage Vinyl glass counter. There are times where they’ll just get pushed back.

Out spilled Grateful Dead boxed sets, Jimi Hendrix 45s and AC/DC cassettes – and dozens more albums and 45s – all to be affixed with price tags Tuesday and Wednesday and, on Friday night, placed in bins. In the last few years, the Princeton Record Exchange has had more than 1,500 limited edition pieces for sale on Record Store Day. “They have an album called ‘Boxer, ‘ and for Record Store Day, that same album is being sold, but [done] live”.

So are Record Store Day special releases from Eric Church (an album that contains a song recorded in Omaha), David Bowie, Run The Jewels, Prince, The National, Neil Young and Rage Against The Machine. This means you don’t have time to agonize over what you’re going to get, and the line progresses in a smooth, predictable fashion (with rules against saving spots and budging). This first time vinyl pressing loses none of those qualities, even in its pink and blue limited edition colored wax edition.

What sets your store apart from other record stores? .

CDs and vinyl have outsold digital downloads this year, for the first time since 2011, according to revenue reports from the Recording Industry Association of America. I only buy things that I think are at least moderately good, or, at least with new stuff, because most of the stuff that’s here is used, but as far as new stuff, it’s way more curated. “I’ve seen how hyped up and just flat out joyous people get when they’re around, at in-stores or at live shows”. They work with labels, artists and managers to determine the releases before taking it to a panel of record store owners and buyers across different markets throughout the United States. Make sure you put April 21st on your calendars.

Record Store Day is upon us.

“On the day, this is about more than the ethos of the record shop; it’s literally about the thrill of acquiring a slab of vinyl, which in the format that is produced, has never been seen in the United Kingdom before”.

“Vinyl sales are still strong”.

Out of print on vinyl for about a decade, this raging, lovely work from singer/songwriter/guitar titan Marnie Stern snaps together musical elements that wouldn’t look like they would ever connect.

Over in Wrexham, Alan Hughes, of Alan Hughes Film, Music and Nostalgia on Bridge Street, agrees about the importance of the day for independent stores like his and Vod.

“It has evolved above and beyond our single biggest day of the year”, said Greg Halamay, owner of Finders Records in Bowling Green.

Other record stores that aren’t running any Record Store Day-specific events but are worth checking out: Disko Obscura (1113 Saint Mary St.) focuses on off-radar electronic, funk and post-punk releases, and Domino Sound Record Shack (2557 Bayou Road), which offers a ton of world music and reggae as well as local releases, rock “n” roll, punk, funk (including picks from DJ Soul Sister), and lots of 45s. I have opened 10 stores in my life for the old Midland Records and Strawberries chains.

“It’s always the biggest day of the year”, he said.

Before coming to UNC, Casimir never really shopped at independent record stores. We anticipate having a big line outside our shop. Lo-fi king Mac Demarco has two separate records up for grabs and of course you can’t miss indie classics from the likes of Wolf Alice and The Courteeners; they’re essentials to any collection and we’re not against fighting to get our hands on them! “We have hundreds of people here at the end of the day”.

The tables have turned: vinyl records hip agian, featured at event for local shop