Environmental groups file lawsuit over Trump climate actions

Trump has repeatedly claimed that overregulation has led to a decline in coal-industry jobs.

This reality has nearly nothing to do with government’s preferences or orders: The retreat from American coal mining was not caused by President Barack Obama’s environmental regulations or by any ideological dislike of the fuel that provided the energy foundations of modern civilization. Earthjustice is already working at the state level to defend and advance clean energy policies, and we’ve teamed up with technology innovators, entrepreneurs, public health experts and community leaders to build a resilient network of clean energy champions.

So how much damage can Trump do to the global fight against climate change during the next four years? The company upped its targets last November, saying it would get half its power from renewable sources by 2025. “You’re going back to work”. “The clean energy train has indeed left the station”, she said, arguing that climate change itself “will dictate the future” no matter what Trump does in the short run. According to researchers from MIT, even if every nation that signed on to the Paris pact met all of their commitments until the end of the century, the impact on the climate would be negligible.

“President Trump has rolled back the Obama Administration’s most harmful environmental regulations-including the Clean Power Plan, which has cost many American jobs and has driven up energy costs for American families”, Emmer said.

But, number two, he’s also setting a pathway forward, a journey to say that we are no longer going to have regulatory assault on any given sector of our economy.

In the letter, Exxon praises the Paris Agreement because it “ensures a level playing field, so that global energy markets remain as free and competitive as possible”. The president’s blueprint calls for dismantling numerous environmental initiatives of President Barack Obama that were meant to address what the vast majority of scientists have concluded is human-caused climate change.

Section 4 of the Order directs the Environmental Protection Agency to review and revise the “New Source Performance Standards” contained in its far-reaching “Quad O” regulation.

President Donald Trump lifted a moratorium on federal coal leases Tuesday, paving the way for excavation of a fossil fuel on public land in the West that few mining companies seem to want. If that’s the case, China has fallen for its own scam, committing itself to ambitious goals for reducing the emissions that are warming the planet and making big investments in renewable energy.

The EPA introduced the Clean Power Plan in August 2015, 26 months after Obama outlined general principles for tighter limits on power plant emissions in a speech at Georgetown University.

The editorial pointed out China and the United States are the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitters, but said China is still in the process of developing while America is a superpower with the technological edge to slash emissions.

The shift was mirrored by employment, with jobs in natural gas and other cleaner energy resources rising and coal jobs declining, the report said.

And then there’s the fact Alberta is looking increasingly to China and India, not the US, as customers for our oil.

In 2009, when Barack Obama entered the White House, coal provided 52 per cent of USA electricity.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the East Asian country still believes that “all parties should go with the tide, seize the opportunity, fulfil their pledges and implement the agreement”. And like Trump’s promises to present a health care plan that doesn’t cut benefits, reduce premiums and or cut Medicare or Medicaid, his promises to restore the coal industry to its once prominent position is all bluster; it’s snake oil; a con-man’s bait to get voters to bite out of desperation only to turn his back on them later. It was one of 15 natural disasters in the United States in 2016 that cost more than $1 billion.

“First, today’s energy independence action calls for an immediate reevaluation of the so-called Clean Power Plan”.

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