Dutch government cancels landing permission for Turkish foreign minister

She was subsequently expelled from the country.

Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said Monday that the chancellor “means not only that they should stop talking that way about Germany, but of course also about other European countries”.

RTL said Kaya was declared an “undesirable alien” and would be escorted to Germany.

The referendum on the proposed changes in the constitution will grant broad new powers under an executive presidential system to the Turkish President.

The stand-off was over plans by Turkish government officials to campaign in the Netherlands for a referendum back home.

More than a dozen HDP parliamentary deputies have been detained by authorities over the past several months on charges of supporting terrorism.

Erdogan also repeated hugely controversial accusations that the Netherlands – occupied by Nazi Germany in World War II – was behaving like fascists in its treatment of Turkish ministers, reports news agency AFP.

European Parliament Vice-President Alexander Graff Lambsdorff demanded a ban on Turkish ministers campaigning in the EU. Front page headlines on newspapers that regularly criticise president Erdogan and the Turkish authorities read “Arrogant Holland” on Sunday.

On Sunday night, Dutch riot police were called in to end a protest by Turks in Amsterdam and arrested 13 people, said spokeswoman Marjolein Koek.

At dusk in Rotterdam, about 100 pro-Turkish demonstrators had gathered outside the Turkish Consulate with flags in a peaceful protest following the acrimonious words between both governments.

Speaking to a crowd in the Kocaeli province, President Erdogan said the Netherlands acted like “a banana Republic and called on European Union institutions and human rights organizations to react against the Netherlands and impose sanctions”.

Hamburg officials also banned a rally featuring Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Addressing an inauguration ceremony in Istanbul, Erdogan said: “How will your country’s [diplomatic] flights come here now after not granting permission to our foreign minister?” “There will be certain diplomatic protest moves, but it’s already clear that the Dutch government wants to reconcile and find a way out of this crisis”, Ismail concluded.

On the final weekend before Wednesday’s elections, the leaders of six of the country’s top political parties were converging on the southern city of Eindhoven for a key televised debate. Later on Sunday, eggs were pelted at the consulate gates and a Dutch flag flying above the building was lowered and replaced by a Turkish one. Wilders has built his campaign on “de-Islamizing” the Netherlands.

Bayrakli told CNN: “I think it is a quite a serious diplomatic scandal because Turkey and Holland are allies in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the EU”. They have very good relations, and I think the Dutch government took this decision in order to give a message to Geert Wilders in the election. It’s a right-wing populist message.

He said: “I’ve never experienced this before, but we want to be the more prudent party”. Even so, he said that Rutte was right to take the action he did.

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