Duel protests over Planned Parenthood in Knoxville

Planned Parenthood funding is supported by more than 70 percent of Americans and nearly 50 percent of those who voted for President Donald Trump, according to Zdravecky.

Protesters in MI picketed at about 15 Planned Parenthood facilities in the state, with six of them in the Detroit area. We don’t have to pay for it.

The initial protests a move by pro-lifer supports was countered by pro-choice supporters.

The loud honking of cars passing by compared to the quiet prayer of the protesters was nearly as different as the pro-life supporters and the south side Planned Parenthood they stood across from.

“The effort to defund Planned Parenthood has nothing to with taking healthcare away from women”, Ed Carrick, local director for 40 Days for Life, said in a statement. Church said similar anti-abortion rallies were taking place in 200 cities nationwide.

Hundreds from across Central Illinois showed up in Bloomington to show their support for Planned Parenthood. “I think sometimes people concentrate on the abortion issue”. Dayton Women’s Rights Alliance organizer Joy Schwab says data shows one-in-five American women have used Planned Parenthood for general women’s health services.

Several dozen protesters demonstrated in front of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Council Bluffs facility Saturday morning, calling for government officials to cut off funding to the organization.

“I’d like women to understand that if they have an unplanned pregnancy it’s not the end of the world”.

“That’s what Planned Parenthood does”, she said.

“I see the dignity of life and that inside a mother, there is a baby there, and I am very strong for caring about the whole family”, Betty Gemmill said.

Trump last month banned US funding to worldwide groups that perform abortions or even provide information about abortions.

“I would just implore people to learn more about what Planned Parenthood does in their specific community and how much they’ve really helped people”, said Papy. We know for a lot of women, we are the only health care that they receive.

These folks say the funding should go to helping expecting parents, instead of to the nation’s largest abortion chain. “They’ll have any number of people who’ll step in and fund them … we need to abolish (abortion), because it is the murder of innocent children”.

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