Drilling hole in iPhone 7 won’t exhibit “secret” headphone jack

Apple announces iPhone 7 launch date in India

To damp these fans, Apple will yield lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapters with each iPhone 7.

Worryingly, a comical travesty video – that’s now racked adult some-more than 8m views – has hoodwinked a satisfactory series of distraught drillers.

The video perceived over 134,000 likes, though only underneath 88,000 dislikes.

Don’t know how to switch this or that thing on or off anymore?

Besides a hole drilling, Maksimuk has other videos on destroying a iPhone 7, including what happenrs if we x-ray it or place it in glass nitrogen for 5 minutes.

“If it starts doing this guys, this is ideally normal”.

So when a homemade resolution announced we could simply cavalcade your possess headphone jack, many people fell plant to a prank.

It afterwards shows song personification from a iPhone indication – nonetheless a sound is indeed entrance out of a speakers.

Anyone who indeed took a TechRax video severely clearly didn’t review a channel’s “about” section, in that Maksimuk claims he has been “Smashing record given 2011”. That’s right, a customary 3.5mm headphone jack we used to block your headphones and aux cables into is no more. They will disagree with a idea that aged phone possess an A9 processor along with a camera carrying an orifice of 2.2 while a latest one encompasses an A10 and a 1.8. The video was apparently a fun though it appears that some people suspicion a video was critical and drilled a hole into their new iPhones. You can not make this things up.

Why stop during a headphones?

Those who protest about ruining their phones are not expected to get most sympathy. One of a probable explanations, according to Kuo, is a Galaxy Note7’s battery problems. The phone doesn’t even detect a headphones are in. It’s misleading how countless dislikes were from people who had been duped into drilling a hole into their £600-plus smartphone.

The unconstrained fibre of comments sucks we into something of a vortex.

Sadly some people have also attempted a antic and busted their phone.