Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korea’s President

The move follows Kim’s pledge to dismantle North Korea’s main nuclear testing site, Punggye-ri, at a later date in May, in full view of South Korean and USA experts.

While there are lingering questions about whether North Korea will ever decide to fully relinquish its nukes as it heads into negotiations with the US, Kim’s comments amount to the North’s most specific acknowledgement yet that “denuclearization” would constitute surrendering its weapons.

He added that “when you’ve seen Rambo I, II and III, by the time Rambo IV comes around you have a pretty good idea how it’s not going to end”. “The only thing we need is peace”, Moon told his top aides at a meeting, according to media reports.

“President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize”, Moon reportedly told a group of aides.

South Korea’s Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon on Tuesday instructed senior officials to ensure the “steady” implementation of last week’s inter-Korean summit declaration aimed at improving cross-border ties and fostering peace on the peninsula.

Also, the us President stressed that North Korean leader yet complied with the agreements.

Trump had just concluded a joint press conference with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in the White House Rose Garden when he returned to the podium to answer shouted questions about the potential denuclearization summit.

Trump said the North Korean decision to close the test site, along with its suspensions of nuclear and ballistic missile tests, were hopeful signs.

The president also said that if the talks were successful, the “celebration” at the border would be memorable.

“Doesn’t the president deserve credit for at least partial credit for what we’re seeing unfold on the Korean peninsula?” asked ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

Mr Trump on Tuesday morning suggested he’d like to hold the meeting at the demilitarised zone near the border of North and South Korea, with Singapore raised as another possibility.

“Got to get rid of the nuclear weapons”, Mr. Trump said.

Trump’s Cadillacs are also protected against noxious gas, which could come in handy in the parking lot of the upcoming USA-North Korea summit if the wind starts blowing the wrong way.

When Trump held a rally in MI on Saturday, his fans chanted “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel!”

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