Denim Day shows support for sex assault survivors

Women around the world were enraged by the verdict and immediately protested by wearing jeans to work, while motivating the California Senate and Assembly to follow suit and wear jeans as well, according to the Denim Day global website.

Local businesses and those who wish to show their support are encouraged to wear jeans or a denim shirt or blazer on Wednesday. For more information about Sexual Assault and Violence Awareness Month, visit the NC State Women’s Center website. Their goal is to not only help those victims, but get them to a safe place where they aren’t re-victimized. According to #HarvardWearsDenim Facebook event page, in the event’s first year in 2015, 3,000 people participated and 55 student groups pledged their support of working against sexual assault.

The Denim Day campaign kicked off Tuesday at the Center for Women and Families. “Through a subtle act of wearing denim, we re-affirm our commitment to stop the misconceptions about sexual assault and give a platform to the truth”, said First Lady Kathleen Sandoval.

Aditi, who led the self-defense session seminar, says when faced with a threat, “do as much as you need to do to get out of the situation and nothing more”.

Sexual assault can be a painful and lonely prison – it is never too late to help, or to seek help to free our loved ones, or ourselves.

“A 16-year old had been raped and it went to the Supreme Court”.

Shivani Kohli, a sophomore in the College of Arts Sciences, said she was knew of the event.

Over the years, I have worked in a number of roles to end sexual violence: As a hotline counselor, medical and legal advocate, as a teen counselor, and as a board member. “We talk about cancer, we talk about other diseases out there, which is wonderful”.

Junior Mariah Damante checks out the jeans decorated for the Denim Day Decoration Contest held Wednesday at Red Bluff High School. “I didn’t know Denim Day was such a large part of the movement to raise awareness about sexual assault and consent until I stopped by the booth today”. Dean of Students, Jeff Furlone, makes it clear that “it’s a supportive campus, it’s a supportive process, and if you make the decision to come forward and report, we’re here for you”.

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