Conservative Students Sue UC Berkeley Over Cancellation of Coulter Speech

But Coulter tweeted she still expects to be at the University of California’s flagship campus.

The brief argues that May 2 is an unacceptable date for rescheduling because it falls during a “dead week” when students will be too busy studying for finals.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter plans to speak on UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Thursday, campus officials said, prompting the university to scramble to prepare for what they fear could be another violent showdown between fans and opponents of President Trump.

“This Semester”, he wrote additionally, “UC Berkeley has dedicated more resources-in the form of staff time, administrative attention, police resources, and cash outlay-to facilitating BCR’s expressive activities than have been devoted to any other student group in memory”. Those speeches took place without incident.

Notable for the recent controversy that initially saw her speaking event cancelled at University of California, Berkeley, the home of the free speech movement, Coulter is set to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner only a day after the initial UC Berkeley event.

“I have a right to say what I think and I think she is an idiot and I think she should speak and drive more people away”, Beckel exclaimed. “It’s up to the police to keep me safe”.

Last week, alt-right leader Richard Spencer won a court case for the right to speak at Auburn University after the university canceled on him – and he went ahead and spoke, amid protests.

The university applies its unwritten policy on high-profile speakers in a discriminatory manner to restrict conservative speech on campus, the groups claim in their lawsuit. The restrictions include scheduling their talks at far corners of the campus during class time and saddling the sponsoring groups with unreasonably high security costs, she said.

The lawsuit lists UC System President Janet Napolitano, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and three campus police officials as defendants, reports the Washington Post.

Moguluf explained that the school has received “letters and threats” from people around the country stating “as individuals or part of a militia, they intend to come to the campus to support Ann Coulter”.

In February, a campus event featuring right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was shut down when the venue was swarmed by demonstrators – including some in masks who tore down barricades and smashed windows.

A lockdown is lifted on the University of California, Berkeley campus after a night of violent protests.

UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said the university’s attorneys were reviewing the complaint but were confident that “we are on very solid legal grounds”.

In a roomful of UC-Berkeley’s elitist administrators, Coulter’s the only one with any courage – and a true sense of what America’s civil liberties stand for.

UC Berkeley’s Ann Coulter Controversy Leads to Free Speech Lawsuit