Comey: ‘There is No Such Thing as Absolute Privacy’

Comey has been front and center in American politics in the a year ago, first with the politically charged investigation of former Sec. of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton’s private email usage.

Matthews said that’s because “Trump’ll fire him in five minutes or faster if he comes out and says the president is not telling the truth”.

The FBI chief did not take questions from reporters at his speech, but made clear to those in attendance, he was not going to weigh in on anything that was off subject – like Russian Federation.

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance said that it should be Trump walking this back because “it’s not the Federal Bureau of Investigation director’s job to correct the President of the United States if [he’s] misleading the American public”. Trump has not provided any evidence to back up his allegations.

After a lengthy investigation, Comey announced in July he would not recommend that charges be brought against Clinton. Comey has privately urged the Justice Department to dispute the claim but has not come forward to do so himself.

Trump and Comey have still not spoken since the President made his allegation, White House Press Secretary said at his daily press briefing Tuesday. The Justice Department, under the direction of Sessions, has not done so.

The intelligence committee’s letter, addressed to Dana Boente, the acting Deputy U.S. Attorney General, also asks for copies of any such orders actually issued by the court and any electronic surveillance warrants related to Trump or his associates issued previous year by a federal judge or magistrate under a wide-ranging anti-crime law.

Comey, who himself has come under fire following his decision a year ago to reopen an investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email in the waning hours of the 2016 presidential election, said that the FBI values privacy and security. And yet, he has apparently not been asked to resign.

Comey met with the Gang of Eight in two separate meetings – one with the senators and one with the House members.

The FBI director is appointed by the president, with confirmation from the Senate, and a president can remove the director, although he would risk accusations of political interference if he were to do so.

Trump’s claim, Pelosi added, “couldn’t possibly be true”.

In his speech Comey inferred that the Founding Fathers would understand a compromise on privacy in exchange for necessary security. Instead he endures his own, very lonely Day Without a Woman, to which the presidential podium stands in stark monument.

Image FBI Director James Comey waits to testify to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on'Russia?EUR s intelligence activities on Capitol Hill in Washington