CES 2018 in Photos: What We Remember Most

CES 2018 highlights, by David Cardinal

LAS VEGAS — Once again the marathon that is CES is drawing to a close. Four days of trade show plus two days of media events. All sprawled across five miles of Las Vegas in some insane number of hotels and conference venues. As usual, I stuck it out so you don’t have to. Here are some of the images that struck me as interesting, weird, or just plain worth remembering:

New Byton concept carSamsung City at CES 2018Netgear Orbi Outdoor SatelliteFoldimate laundry helperCES 2018 power outageIoT kitchen appliances are finally starting to make some senseSands Avenue CES 2018AirFuel Alliance is working to provide tabletop size wireless chargingAR dancing game at CES 2018