Caught on camera: Huge fireball meteor lights up skies across Midwest, US

A possible meteor lights up the sky overnight.

The meteor broke into pieces of rock and metallic dust that descended in a cloud onto Lake Michigan, Hankey said. It might have ended its flight on Lake Michigan, between Sheboygan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

The observers map for the Feb 6, 2017 meteor sighting, showing the locations of the witnesses, and the trajectory deduced from their reports.

The fireball also created a sonic boom, which shook some homes in the areas nearest to it.

While small amounts of space matter don’t enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day, Wood said it occurs more often than people think. Experts believe this meteor most likely came from an asteroid.

“Our overnight shift is pretty quiet, so, I wasn’t doing a lot”. Those meteorites would probably now be on the bottom of Lake Michigan.

A meteor large enough to leave meteorites on the ground typically flies over the USA about three or four times per year, Hankey said.

The National Weather Service in Milwaukee and Chicago asked people to share photos and videos of the event on Facebook.

If you were outside in the Midwest at around 1:30 a.m. local time this morning, you might have received quite a shock.

“It looked like the beginning and then the end of a firework that doesn’t explode”.

A meteor was spotted over the Midwest early Monday morning. This is a screen grab of video captured by a Lisle Police dash camera

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