Blizzard’s BattleTag change now available


A feature that Blizzard fans have asked for for a long time, is the ability to change your BattleTag.

Your Overwatch skills are out of this world, and you can play with the best in Hearthstone, but your “LinkinParkRulez” BattleTag is holding you back from ever getting the respect you deserve. Xbox Live offers a similar service, while the PlayStation Network doesn’t let users change their PSN ID at all – their only option is to start from scratch.

To change your BattleTag simply go to the Account Management Dashboard (EU or US) and enter your details. If you want to change your BattleTag again after your free one, the $10 charge will kick in for each successive name change.

“Every user can choose a BattleTag to represent themselves both in-game and on their Friends list”, reads the website. Battletags don’t have to be unique (Blizzard tacks a number onto the end of each to differentiate them), and, aside from the limits imposed by Blizzard’s naming policy, you can make it whatever you want. This will please many Blizzard gamers as it is a service much requested.

Nevertheless, if you have been playing a Blizzard title that showcases your regrettable BattleTag, you can take up Blizzard’s free BattleTag offer right now.